Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stupidity Aggravates Me

I got a letter in the mail Friday from building management telling me that our air-conditioner was not installed properly, and that we had 7 days to comply or else legal action would be taken against us. WTF? This was news to me since our window AC unit was installed exactly according to the instructions, using every part that came in the box.

So I called the woman who sent the letter, which I assumed was sent to everyone who has an AC in my building, and got down to the bottom of this. Good thing I was home that day, or else this would've ended up being dealt with Monday. I would have been pissed all weekend if I had received that letter after coming home from work and when the office had already closed for the day.

Anyway, the woman explained to me that our apartment building was in the process of renewing its liability insurance, and that the inspectors had deemed that our AC was not installed properly. I told her it WAS installed properly, thank you very much. The letter specified illegal items, such as bricks and cans, being used to prop up the AC units in our building. But I told her that I, of course, knew better than to do that. So then she looked it up and told me that I was missing the support brackets. I told her this model of AC did not come with typical angle brackets, but with support-pin brackets. So she said, well the inspectors didn't see any supports from the street.

Excuse me? You mean to tell me these so-called "inspectors" are eye-balling an AC unit 10 stories up from the street? WTF kind of inspection is that? And they have the nerve to say I have no supports, when clearly I do? This woman didn't seem to believe me, telling me that if I didn't have the brackets to just remove the AC since the weather is getting cooler anyway, and to just reinstall it next Spring. By that time the building would have renewed its license and we can do whatever we want after that. Her words exactly.

I'm not even going to touch the stupidity of that last statement.

Anyway, I told her I just went through hell installing this new AC this summer. I wasn't about to remove it now. It's going to stay up there throughout the winter. We finally agreed to have the Superintendent come up and check that my AC was in fact installed properly. He came up, just briefly glanced out the window, and said: "oh yeah, the supports are right there." Then he took a picture with his camera and that was that. Apparently, if you're standing on the street 10 floors below you can't see the supporting brackets. No, duh! Imagine that.

Now, me being me, I'm always thorough. So I took my own pics with my digital cam and emailed this woman at the management office (which is located downtown, btw). I worded a slightly miffed e-mail and attached the following three pics, which I think is quite sufficient to show that my AC is in no danger of falling out of the sky and braining some poor slob walking by our building below.

Argh! I can't stand dealing with stupidity!

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