Thursday, September 25, 2008

This Commercial Always Gives Me Goosebumps

I was just thinking about Michael Jordan this morning, the GREATEST athlete of all time. Not just basketball, but all sports PERIOD. And I immediately had to find and watch what I consider to be the best Nike commercial of all time. These street ballers give Mike the biggest respect, recreating his most memorable moments on the court. It's truly uncanny how well they recreated these moments, right down to the body language and facial expressions -- it's sick! Click on the space below to watch for yourself.

The title of this commercial is "Let Your Game Speak," and yes, it speaks for itself. :) Tell me this doesn't give you goosebumps. At the :30 second mark, this was perhaps the greatest dunk ever seen at the Slam Dunk Contest, and was in fact voted as such by the fans. At :40, of course, is Jordan's picture-perfect last shot of his career as a Chicago Bull. The Bulls were trailing in this crucial game, but Jordan's shot brought them over and won his team their sixth championship in eight years. How's that for a capper to an already superlative-laden career?

Here's a comparison of the commercial up against the original Jordan footage:

Simply amazing.


  1. Yo, that commercial is sick! How that guy recreated the free throw line dunk was freakin' uncanny! He got the movements exactly right all the way through. Simply Amazing!

  2. i'm not a sports fan and i got goosebumps. we all want to be like mike. how does his body do that? i felt the same watching athletes in the olympics this summer.


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