Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can I See This Movie, Like, Tomorrow?

Oh please, pretty please?!!!!

This is the type of sci-fi film I eat up! Damn, I can't wait for Aug. 14 to roll around!

District 9. Is that not a great title, or what? This is an independent film produced by the great Peter Jackson and shot on location in Johannesburg, South Africa by South African filmmaker, Neill Blomkamp.

Speaking of awesome, small and independent sci-fi movies being produced this year, I forgot to post up a trailer for another must-see film coming out later in the summer on Sep. 3. It's called Moon, and stars Sam Rockwell. Watch the trailer below. Trust me, you'll want to see this too!

So much sci-fi goodness this year! Can you see why I love the genre so much?

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