Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Month, Another Vacation . . .

Well, seems the travel bug has bit us again! After visiting Paris and San Diego earlier this year, we still have one more destination left in us.

I booked a nice little beach vacation for us in the Bahamas for late July. We'll be staying at the Runaway Hill Inn on Harbour Island, located just off northeast Eleuthera. It's a quaint little island that's off the beaten path of the usual tourist spots in the Bahamas -- exactly what I wanted! We just need to be able to chill on a gorgeous beach and not have to worry about crowds and vendors, or anything else for that matter. Harbour Island's got this in spades!

Just check out that pic above. This is the beach we'll be staying on -- the Inn is just steps away! The beach is famous for its pink sands, and is one of the Bahamas' secret gems that not too many people know about. Even during the high season the beach only ever has around two dozen souls using it at any given time of the day. And the beach is a little over 3 miles long! All that sand and almost no one in sight. Wow.

We'll be going in the low season, though, so even less people will be there. I only hope it doesn't rain *too* much, since summer time here is technically the rainy season. But I have confidence everything will work out fine.

I'm definitely doing nothing, nothing at all, during our stay. Laying on the beach with an umbrella and a good book sounds about divine to me right now. Can't wait!


Kim Kasch said...

OMG that's beautiful - hope you have a wonderful time.

cindy said...

nice. so envious. i just chanced upon fiji trip fotos...gosh, do i want to go back!

David Batista said...

Fiji's another place we would love to vacation at. That and Bora, Bora. Of course, both places are a lot harder to get to from the east coast than the west coast. Which is why we usually get our tropical island fix by way of the Caribbean! :)

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