Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Deadpool Done Right!

After watching X-men Origins: Wolverine over the weekend, I think it's safe to say the writers had no f'n clue how to write the characters the way they were intended to be in the comics. No more so than everyone's favorite sarcastic and wry-humored assassin-for-hire, Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds in the movie. It wasn't Reynolds fault, of course. He's actually perfect to play the role, and in fact had a few good moments in the movie. Very good, in fact. But as usual, he was under-utilized and not quite on point with his comics counterpart thanks to the above mentioned cluelessness of the writers and director.

Anyway, here's a fan-made spoof of the "I'm a Mac . . . I'm a PC" commercials, using Marvel and DC characters instead. It's obvious this person reads comics and "gets" Deadpool. I mean, this is PERFECT! This is how he was supposed to be in the movie:

LOL! I so want to see a Rorschach & Deadpool sitcom, ala The Odd Couple! But with guns and swords . . .

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