Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey, A Blog On Virgos!

I just stumbled across this site, which I believe is run by someone named "Joe Pennant." It seems to be all about Virgos and how simply awesome we are! Although, I wish this person would learn the difference between the possessive and the plural noun. Arggh!

"One of the consequences of this is that Virgo's strive to keep their minds clear and their emotions compartmentalized. Adjectives of them being like "Vulcans" are thrown around, Virgo's are characterized as being unfeeling. Not at all, Virgo's are human too - but they do place a premium on logic, that is true. It's just that being emotional interferes with the thinking. That is why they prefer being calm."

LOL! Even though I don't typically buy into astrological signs and what have you, it's scary how much I embody the usual (some would say stereotypical) traits of those born under the sign of Virgo. I would like to say that they're mostly wrong, but they're mostly not. Mostly.

Those who know me well, how close does this come to describing me? I feel only Lisa would appreciate this most since, while she hasn't known me the longest, she certainly knows me the most intimately. But alas, she is a Virgo too, so it'll be like preaching to the choir were I to show this to her.

Click on this link, btw, if you want to read the full entry. And when you're done, check out the rest of the blog why don't you? Pretty interesting--and amazingly accurate--stuff!


Rodney said...

I'd say it's fairly accurate. I wouldn't say you're cold or Vulcan. You're just the quiet observer type. It's your style, and you're all the cooler for it.

David Batista said...

LOL, thanks!

Live long and prosper \\ //

Kim Kasch said...

I'd chime in but I'm a Virgo and so is my husband and two of my kids. We're just a trekkie type family--I guess

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