Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clash Of The 80s Remakes!

I haven't put up a Movie Maven clip from in a while. So here you go! This week's topic is in honor of the two 80s remake films hitting theaters this Friday: The A-Team and The Karate Kid. Who will win? Nobody knows, but Tara Perry has already made her pick:

Personally, I think the Karate Kid will be the better movie. People who keep harping on the factor of the film's title are clueless douchebags trying to show off that they know the difference between karate and kung-fu, and that the movie producers should know better. Well the joke's on you, morons! Story wise, the title refers to Smith's character already knowing some karate before his family is relocated to China where he encounters kung-fu. The Chinese kids who bully him grant him the moniker "the Karate Kid" because this is all he knows, in a country where wushu kung-fu is king.

See how easy that was to explain? It's in the latest trailer, too!

Yes, of course the producers are capitalizing on the previous success of the earlier movies by using the same title. No shit, Sherlock. But my rule is: if it works in the story, then it works for me.

Haters just gonna hate, I guess.

I'll be watching both movies this weekend, so expect to see a review of at least one of them go up on this site before the week is out, if not for both.

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