Friday, August 6, 2010

Uh Oh . . . Now They Done Did It!

I shouldn't have seen this, I really shouldn't. Because now I'm hooked!

Now mind you, I knew all about Apple's iBooks app--the eReader program for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to rival Kindle--long before now, but I never could believe in the promise of reading books on such a small device as my iPhone 4. That is until today!

After reading on John Scalzi's blog that his latest novella, "The God Engines" was out for purchase on the app, I finally relented and downloaded it for free (the app, not the book). And, wow, what a great program this is! It comes with Winnie the Pooh already pre-loaded, and even that alone was enough to convince me that, despite the small screen, the resolution on the new iPhone 4 makes the words really pop out at you.

So, I've been reading "The God Engines" and I have to say, I think this may just be the answer to my prayers. See, I'm a man who loves to read, but absolutely HATES carrying books around everywhere I go. Especially when I commute on the crowded NYC subways every day. But having this palm-sized handy device--which I carry with me all the time anyway--able to take over the task of being my portable library is like a godsend on the 4 train during rush hour. The iPhone 4 is so easy to hold up, and the words so easy to read, that now I'm afraid I might have to stop buying hardcopy books. Not completely, mind you, because I still love collecting my favorite titles. But this may just cut my physical book purchasing down by 60% in the future. Yes, by that much!

In fact, the only thing stopping me from adopting this new book-buying philosophy right this minute is the still lacking selection being offered by Apple. But, of course, this will change in time. They keep expanding every week it seems. Pretty soon, they're going to eclipse the Kindle. Mark my words!

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