Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, This So Sucks!

Damn! The one time I actually wish I lived in L.A. Or, at least in So. Cal. The various Creative Directors of each God of War game together, under one roof, discussing their different visions and how they came about adding to the man, the myth, the legend -- Kratos, the God of War!

Personally, David Jaffe is the reason why I would go to this if I lived on the left coast. The guy is almost like an idol to me, and would be if I were in the gaming biz. But, hell, fuck that. He IS my idol! We creative types are all in the same boat, so there. :)

But yeah, to me he IS the game series God of War. Without him, there would have been no other games that followed. And although he wasn't singly responsible for creating the masterpiece initial title all on his own, he did steer the ship and put his own personal stamp on how the finished product came about. He and his team at Sony Santa Monica fashioned the template that all other games would mold themselves to. And that's pretty effin awesome!


  1. Wonder if my boys know about this. I'll see

  2. I'm guessing they probably do. And you guys are a lot closer to the event than I am. Although I'm sure that's still quite the jaunt from Portland.


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