Monday, August 2, 2010

Trending This Week . . .

I don't usually do this, preferring to leave such things to my Facebook account . . . but this one time I will ignore better judgment and bring to you on this here blog the latest funny vid of the week that's been making the rounds. A month ago it was that ridiculous "Double Rainbow" vid. Remember that craze? Click on the link if you need a refresher.

Well, now the craze is the "Woman wakes up to find an intruder in her bed" vid. This was taken from a real live news story on WAFF48 out of Alabama, in which a would-be rapist climbed through a second-story window and tried to attack a young woman asleep in her bed. This normally wouldn't be funny news, but OH MAN you have *got* to see the woman's brother when he's interviewed at the 1:00 minute mark. I swear, it's friggin HILARIOUS!

Now, as these crazy Interwebs trends go, somebody already went ahead and remixed the interview into a catchy auto-tune beat. It, too, is equally hilarious:

I implore you all to check out both vids. Yes, you'll feel dumber in the process by doing so, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice a few thousand brain cells to the gods of Internet hijinks. Oh, but don't blame me if--like a horrible car wreck you can't take your eyes off of--you find yourself returning to that second vid over and over again.

It's okay, I won't think any less of you if you do. It'll be our little secret.



Rodney said...

You're right... I do feel dumber, now. Thanks, David!!

I do have to admit the song is kinda catchy... Evan's cover, not so much.

David Batista said...

Yeah, the first half of the remix is pure genius.

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