Sunday, December 28, 2008

10 Honest Things

I was tagged by Kim Kasch to list 10 honest facts about myself. I'd already done an entry similar to this posted here earlier this month, but I liked the love/hate aspect as well as the brevity of Kim's list, so I'm shamelessly going to duplicate it (just with my answers instead). To keep things fresh, I'm going to try to list things not already mentioned in my previous entry.

So, Ten Honest Things About Me:

1) I hate karaoke;
2) I love Peking Opera;
3) I hate dancing;
4) I love foreign movies -- (especially from any country east of Greece and west of the International date line);
5) I hate horror movies (so boring!);
6) I love freshly cut pineapple;
7) I hate eggplant;
8) I love leather-bound classics;
9) I hate ethnic pride;
10) I love summer thunderstorms (I feel so ALIVE!);

Well, that list is certainly all over the place, eh? Kinda like me. :) I'm supposed to tag 7 other people, but I don't think 7 people even read this blog. Cindy was already tagged by Kim, so that leaves only Tarrell Childs out of people I know for a fact read my blatherings.

So get cracking, Relly, and then let me know when it's done.

If anyone in my group of friends is out there lurking, and if you keep a blog, consider yourself tagged as well. Come back here and let me know so that I can read your list too, okay?


  1. Oh and I love eggplant. :)

    Thanks for playing.

    I thought I'd make a quick thank-you tag.

    Here's a little html for you to cut and copy:
    ”David Batista’s Blog”

  2. Thanks for the tag, Kim!

    And, ugh, I guess I must have had bad eggplant. It's hard for me to imagine anyone liking the kind I've had -- breaded and fried!

  3. Well, I finally did my freakin' list. Took me a while. I actually had to think about it then stop and just let them come as they will. The Dragunzden

  4. haha! i'll get to it!! fun list!


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