Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First Snow Of The Season!!!

Well, this was a surprise. NYC got its first *real* snow finally, just less than a week before the winter solstice. Before now we got a dusting here and there that melted before it could even do anything. So those didn't count. And while this is just a pittance, clearly it is sticking. And I'll enjoy it while it lasts. By all indications, this will all switch over to rain tomorrow and then that's probably going to be it for the white powder until mid-January. That's usually how it goes in the city.

You can see the new Yankee Stadium eerily lit in the background. They've been testing out all the different lights and jumbo screen video systems over the past few weeks, which means I get an interesting kaleidoscope in my bedroom at night if I forget to close our windows. Going to have to invest in some heavy drapes before baseball season begins next year. Ugh!


  1. how festive! so many new yorkers on FB excitedly statused about it on their page. ha! i still remember when i first saw snow settle in nyc. i ran out and took a foto!!

  2. Oh yeah, I should have thought to go to FB about this too. I'm still new to the whole thing, so unlike a few other people *ahem* I still haven't trained myself to update my status consistently. :)


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