Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ha-Ha -- My 80s Cartoon Inner Geek Smiles!

Sometimes--just sometimes--YouTube has something truly geeky and amazing to behold. This my friends . . . this is that time! :)

Someone went ahead and, as a purely technical exercise, constructed a fictitious trailer for a fake live-action Thundercats movie. For those of you who do not know the awesome animated greatness that was the Thundecats series -- it was pretty much the be all and end all of existence for little 8 and 9 year old boys in the mid 80s like my brother and I.

Well, this ingenious person or persons spliced together a bunch of clips from various recent movies like: Pitch Black, Lord of the Rings, Troy, Planet of the Apes, Chronicles of Riddick, Farscape, Stargate, and a few more I can't quite place but know I've seen. The faces were superimposed with gimpy Thundercats F/X makeup, but it still works somehow. I mean, check it out for yourself. Kudos to whoever is behind this. You will go far in Hollywood someday, methinks.

And while I'm not particularly itching for a live-action Thundercats movie to be made (my childhood would be raped yet again, I fear), I confess I did suffer a minor geekasm watching this!



  1. OMG, that was so well done! If any studio tried to do this for real I'd probably be pissed, but these guys did a hell of a job for just an exercise. I look forward to seeing their names in films in the future. Wow!

  2. My sons would like this. Happy Holidays!


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