Monday, December 15, 2008

Weird Things Abound On Home

Well, I spent last night doing some more exploring on the PlayStation Network's online world, Home. Things are still rather bland during this Beta testing phase, but apparently there are ways to amuse yourself . . . and then there are *ways*. I chose to purchase some new duds so that I can at least tell myself apart in a crowd. The above sweater and pants cost me under $0.50 cents each of my real money. Chump change, and I don't plan on doing this often. But as you can see it's a bit of an improvement from the last look.

Anyway, I was sitting by the pond doing some people watching when a rather curious commotion began to build up near me. An "attractive female avatar" (AFA) was dancing with some dude near me, which immediately caused a bunch of other guys to rush over and surround the AFA while trying to spit game.

Yeah, you read that right. It looked as pathetic as it sounds. Anyway, the AFA strung them along until a rowdy bunch of about 6 or 7 guys started dancing in unison with her, trying to get her to take them home. (yes, you can do that in Home, although the protocol does not yet exist to do anything risque once you get back to your pad.) And then "the trap" was sprung. Oh, it was glorious people! I wish you could have seen it.

Well actually, you can.

Apparently, some people have perfected the art of what is known as "Quincying" on Home. Very quick, Quincying is when a male gamer creates a female avatar to dupe other horny and nerdy male gamers into trying to pick her up -- something they wouldn't have the balls to do in real life. And when you have a bunch of them sufficiently baited . . . well, that's when it's time to do a fast-switch and change into something a little more, um, appealing.

The guys at this site duplicated the feat with textual and video documentation. Click on the link and read all about the setup, then check out the video at the end of the article. Or, you can just skip straight to the same video posted below. I'm telling you, it's well worth your effort to watch. Oh hell yeah!


cindy said...

i totally got harrassed while on the xbox360.
esp if i used voice. very annoying!!

David Batista said...

Ouch! I wouldn't even have the guts to do that if I were a fem. As it stands, I still don't like to chat in multiplayer games because of the doofus retards who can't behave like human beings online. Mostly stupid pre-pubescent kids, of course.

And, hey, you have an Xbox 360? What's your gamer tag? I should probably find a way to put up all my gamer tags on this blog, that way people can add me and such.

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