Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why Must That Which I Eat Try To Kill Me?

I love snacking on almonds. Especially unsalted, dry roasted almonds. Mmmmmm! Yet, I noticed the almonds . . . they not be liking the chewing and swallowing part. This may explain why a short time later -- sometimes seconds, usually minutes -- I find myself inexplicably choking and gagging on ground up almond residue. The episode only gets worse with each cough, and does not abate even after drinking copious amounts of water.

Why is that?

Do the almonds have vengeful spirits that seek my demise? I fear one of these days I may lose the battle to the shelled nuts! And then my buried body will sprout an almond tree of its own, and thus the cycle will begin anew.

Evil things, these almonds.


  1. Try pistachios they are heart-healthy and maybe they'll go down easier.

  2. Bleh. I hate pistachios. I'm very particular of the nutty foods. Pistachios and macadamians are my least favorite, in fact. ANd I used to be fond of walnuts as a kid. But not so much now.

    Peanuts are too bland, but I'm addicted to the honey roasted ones. Wow, so good! Especially the kind you can get from Whole Foods. Unfortunately, they're extremely fattening. Or maybe I shouldn't eat whole fistfulls at a time? :)

  3. i love the exact same as a snack! i recently found these coco dusted thinly chocolate coated almonds and they are SO GOOD as a sweet treat. but yes, non salted roasted are so awesome. you gotta make sure you have a drink handy, tho.


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