Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Date Movie

A few entries down, I wrote about the 15th anniversary of mine and Lisa's prom night on June 2, 1994. Well, yesterday was the anniversary of our actual first date. And, if you knew me, you know that would invariably mean going to the movies!

We went after taking our final exams of our high school careers, to see the only campy movie out on that Friday -- Wolf, starring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer!

Of course, I barely remember the movie because...ahem...I had other things on my mind at the time. But the little bit I did commit to memory I liked. I would subsequently watch the movie on my own while in college and confirm that it was, indeed, pretty darn good (despite what the critics and moviegoers said), but of course the film holds an added special place in my heart since it was our first movie ever.

Coincidentally, the film that would later become OUR movie -- Forrest Gump -- was also playing at the theater. But we didn't get around to catching that until nearly a year later when it came out on VHS.

(wow, how dated does that technological reference now sound?)

Anyway, the date went well, despite the fact that we went with her friends...who luckily had the decency to leave us mostly alone in an opposite corner of the theater. Lisa was nervous, I could tell, and so I didn't push the issue. We were still kids, after all. And to me nothing seemed more casual and innocent than a quick flick after school. We had all summer and endless other opportunities to get serious and gaze longingly into each other's eyes. (heh, heh)

After the movies, I walked her to the place where she worked in the mall, and then took the bus and subway home alone. Don't remember the ride back, but I do recall we had a VERY long phone conversation after she got off work later that night.

Ah, young love!

What was your first date movie?


  1. Forgive me, Cin. I'm a guy, I often forget the most important details! :)

    No, I didn't kiss her. Remember, I was only 17 and still new to the whole dating thing. I didn't want to rush things. Plus, all her friends were there. But a lot of hand holding went on!

    I would end up kissing her a few days later, on our second date, if that helps.


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