Friday, October 29, 2010

Crazy And The City

See, I told you all in part 2 of the New York City Survival Guide the steps to take to make yourself less of a target for assholes. And I mentioned, too, that you really don't want to attract any of the crazies. Well, what I forgot to say is . . . sometimes the crazies still get you, even when you obey all the rules I outlined in that blog entry.

Case in point, the video I'm embedding below. This was taken on the F train by someone else, but it's what I see myself from time to time -- crazy people let loose on unsuspecting citizens. Watch in the video how this young lady is minding her own business and doing her best to not look at, provoke, or otherwise attract the attention of this bat-shit bonkers old woman standing next to her. And yet . . . AND YET . . . she still gets slapped upside the head for no reason. Arrrgh! This kind of thing pisses me off!

But anyway, see for yourself. If you want visual proof of just how dangerously unpredictable riding the subway can be here, look no further:

Sickening, isn't it? These kinds of people need to be locked up. I realize they have mental problems, but they shouldn't be allowed to just roam the streets and subways like this. Not only are they a harm to other people, but to themselves as well.

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