Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Guess I Just Don't Have It In Me

To be a prankster, that is. The video I'm posting below shows a guy playing a prank on his sleeping girlfriend. Watch it for yourself and see if you find it funny:

Now, while I can sit there and laugh at this, at the same time I would never ever do such a thing to my Lisa. Or to anyone, for that matter. I'm sure I've mentioned it here once before, but I've never been that guy that can laugh at other people's misfortune. Be it someone falling down some stairs, or a joke made at their expense. Even if the harm only lasts a fews seconds, those few seconds, to me, are too long.

See, my issue with practical jokes like this one is that, for even the briefest of moments the recipient of the prank is terrified out of their mind, and even (like in this young lady's case) fearful for their life. And, yes, even though it might be funny afterwards, it was decidedly unfunny for that person for the several seconds it took before she realized it was just a prank.

I don't know, to me I could just never knowingly be the cause of even one second's worth of pain and terror to my wife. Or maybe I just don't have an appreciation for the art of pranking?

Maybe. Say what you will, but I've never been able to understand why guys--and let's be honest, this seems to be a sick proclivity held mostly by males--get such great pleasure in seeing their SO's suffer in such a juvenile manner. To me, it's not funny -- it's just being an asshole.

At least, to be the one doing it. Watching as a detached, 3rd-party stranger who don't know these people, on the other hand . . . I have to say the woman's reaction in the video did elicit a chuckle out of me. Yeah, yeah, I'll admit it!

Still, don't think you'll be seeing any videos of me trying the same stunt. I would feel like such shit afterward.

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