Saturday, December 31, 2011

That Time Of Year Again

Hi folks.

I've been gone a loooong time from the blogs, I know. Sorry about that. I usually get scarce this time of year, as I'm rarely online when I'm on staycation. How's that for irony, huh?

So this means I haven' blogged or read blogs in all this time. And I therefore apologize for my lack of comments, people. Nothing personal, okay?

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good wrap-up to the year. 2011 was not a nice year to me, and to be honest I can't wait for it to be done with already. But I hope the rest of you have had a better year. And even if yours sucked as much as mine did, let us join forces and wish really hard that we ALL have a fantastic 2012!!!

As some of you already know, the end of the year is never a good time for me. New Year's Eve is when my mother was taken from us, as I've already chronicled here and here before. So it's not a happy, merry ol' time for me or my family. We tend to be very low-key on this night, watching the ball drop on Times Square from the comfort of our living rooms, but not much else. I can only remember one time since my mother's passing that I've gone to a NYE party, and that was mostly to take my mind off depressing thoughts than anything else.

Still, don't let me spoil the fun and merry hijinks of this night. I wish you all the best . . . auld lang syne, and all that jazz. May you have a prosperous and joyous 2012.



Yvonne said...

Hugs to you my friend! I'm joining forces with you in wishing for an AWESOME 2012 because like you, my 2011 sucked big time! Good riddance 2011! May your 2012 be filled with happiness, laughter, love, and good health! :)

Botanist said...

It's tough when a time of celebration has such sad memories attached. I hope things look up for you in 2012.

David Batista said...

Thanks, you two! Things can only go up for 2012, know what I mean? :)

Alittlesprite said...

aww.. HUGS to you David.. hope this year is full of happiness for you and yours..

Really glad to have met you, my fellow GOT fan!

David Batista said...

Thanks, Sprite. I feel fortunate as well to have made your acquaintance. Happy New Year!!!

Antares Cryptos said...

So sorry, David. She would be proud.
2011 was nasty for far too many.
Here is to a better calendar year.
Happy New Year.

David Batista said...

Aww, you're too kind, Ant. Thank you so much!

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