Monday, April 2, 2012

Don't Panic!

Yes, the second season of Game of Thrones has begun. Episode 11 aired last night, and . . . I have not watched it yet. GASP!

I know, right?

Unfortunately, I have it saved on my DVR but won't have the time to watch the episode until sometime later in the week. Don't cry for me, Argentina. I'll be okay. But damn if I'm not just itching to tear into this season! I've been listening to the soundtrack on iTunes something approaching fevered fanaticism all day to make up for it. Still, I must not give in until I can properly devote the necessary time for appreciation and enjoyment of what I've been waiting an entire year to see. I think I can make it . . .

I've let it slip to a few people that I won't be writing those wildly popular Game of Thrones reaction posts this season. Even though that series generated (and still does, in fact) this site's highest numbers to date, I simply don't have the time to spare like I did last year for such an exhausting undertaking. Those things took a lot out of me to write, man!

But, you know, now I regret saying anything. I've been getting a lot bemoaning and gnashing of teeth from my friends to keep it going, and what can I say? I'm a sucker for earnest persuasion.

So, this is my way of saying not to give up hope just yet. I may just have it in me to put up some sort of recap/analysis post each week. But don't hold me to that commitment just yet. I want to watch the first episode of this new season first, then see how I feel about it. If I do decide to go through with this, it won't be in the same format as last year. I know, I know . . . some of you got quite a kick out of my on the fly reactions to each scene. But that just won't do this time. I found that I ended up spending more time taking notes with each episode rather than just sitting back and enjoying it as it aired. And that just can't be allowed anymore.

This time, if I write anything about my reaction to the episode at hand, it will be in the form of a detailed recap followed at the end by my personal opinions on what I just saw. I can't promise witty, I can't promise hilarity. But I can promise that I will do my best to encapsulate all the good points about the show and make it more clear certain elements or whole scenes that might escape fans who are not as familiar with the books as I am. I've been hearing from some friends that this first episode of the new season in particular is very hard to follow for those not familiar with the names of all the new characters being introduced.

Yeah, I can see how that might be difficult to take in on the first showing. So if I can, I would like to make things easier for those of you who love the show and visit this blog.

Hmmm, talking about all this now makes me more ready to make it so! See what you guys do to me? :)

If you have seen this Sunday's episode already and want to talk about it in the comments below, please feel free to do so. Remember, I've read all the books--more than once, in fact--and there isn't possibly anything you can spoil for me. If you have any questions about what you saw, ask away, too! I don't need to have seen the episode to know what you are asking about. I already did as much for a co-worker of mine today who had a lot of questions concerning a certain mysterious red-headed newcomer this season.

So, have at me!


  1. I can't believe I have seen it before you this!
    I found that I had to explain the new characters to Hubby as well, as he hasn't read the books.
    The Onion Knight isn't what I pictured him to look like. Too old. But apart from that it's looking fantastic.

  2. I can't believe you haven't watched it yet! Wow! That's some serious discipline on your part. As you know, I don't watch your show, but I have a group of friends that do. They had a viewing party for it and everything! While I never watched the show, I did enjoy your recaps. They were entertaining and kept me interested. So hopefully, you'll indulge us with that again. :)

  3. I gave up the finale of Worst Cooks in America to see GOT. So now no spoilers for that either. :)

  4. I left you a writer's award on my blog. Hop over and check it out. I think it's a nice way to share a snippet of your writing :)

    1. Thanks, Kim. I was going to rant about how I don't play these meme games on this blog . . . but then I decided it might be fun to share, and so I gave in. :) You can read my participation on the main page.

  5. What! You didn't watch it yet!

    And I am salivating at the thought of those recap posts. SALIVATING. Oh please please please please please please.

  6. Well, all of you can relax now. I have seen the latest episode, and it was GLORIOUS! Wow, I mean that was awesome. I would imagine there are a lot of elements that need explaining if you are new to the story. And guess what? Your pleas have not fallen on deaf ears. Yes, that's right . . . I'm in the process of writing a recap and analysis response! It might take a few more days to get it up, but it'll be here on this blog before the weekend.

    Oh, and there WILL be spoilers!


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