Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lord Varys Says: All My Little Birds React To Ep. 12

Tweet, my little birdies. Tweet, tweet!

Over at Winter Is, regular contributor Fire and Blood, aka (FaBio), has gone and collected all the Twitter tweets from the night Ep. 12 "The Night Lands" aired. Click here to read the full collection of what regular viewers like me and you had to say as they watched the episode, intercut with FaB's colorful commentary. People say the funniest things about this show, which is just the epitome of cool and says a lot about its popularity. Go on click, I guarantee you'll enjoy these.

In fact, here are some of my favorites:

"@tmunzar:  You know a TV Show kicks major ass if you never ever skip it’s opening theme and credits."


"@PaleGirlSquad:  Holy crap! Theon is of the House of Cthulhu!!!"

"@HEELSherrod:  Greyjoys have an epic ass den! release the Chimney!!!!"

"@AustinH_24seven:  The next time I compliment someone’s clothing, I’m going to follow up by asking if they paid the iron price for it."

"@MelRedPriestess:  Melisandre is dark and full of Stannis."

"@YgrittetheWild:  Well, Stannis certainly screwed over Westeros. #GOT140 #puns."

"@FYWinterfell:  Jon Snow! Why are you going out there? Jon Snow, you know nothing!"

"@LoriTweets:  Oh, Jon. The thing about Starks: they always get caught investigating shit. SEND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT."

"@eddywards84:  Is there anyone that knows whats going on in #GameOfThrones or am I just thick?"

LOL! at that last comment. Some people need to pay closer attention than others, methinks. Game of Thrones isn't the type of show you check Facebook and update your contacts on your mobile while watching. I personally watch it with the lights off and my eyes GLUED to the tv screen for the entire hour. Nothing disturbs me during this time. Nothing!


Alittlesprite said...

They tweet during the show? I'm with you, nothing distracts me, even Hubby gets a harsh "SHH!"

David Batista said...

So, in other words you go hardcore like I do, huh? Good to know. :) And, yeah, I would never dream of tweeting during an episode. But I do get a kick out of reading them after the fact.

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