Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, That Was An Experience!

Got up super early this morning and went two blocks over to get my voting in before heading to work. I figured it would be crowded, so I gave myself an extra 30 mins. Turns out I should have given myself 90!

Jeez, the line was out the door, down the block and around the corner! And once inside, it was pure madness. I've never seen such a large turnout before, and I've been voting since 2000. And people were EXCITED! I couldn't believe how many black and hispanic people were actually looking proud to be on line voting. You could see it in their faces. This is huge because, in past elections, this was not something I was used to seeing. Voter turnout in the Bronx is iffy at best, due to the majority of people feeling apathetic and left out of the political arena at large.

Now of course no one said who they were voting for, but I think it's pretty obvious. :)

The only thing that can damper the experience was the fact that NY is going blue anyway, so whether the Bronx had a bigger than usual turnout or not, the end results are still going to be the same. Huge turnouts here are just overkill. If only the popular vote meant more . . .

Anyway, I came into work (eventually) and it seems the excitement is not just limited to NY. Early indication is that there is larger voter turnout all up and down the Eastern seaboard. Time will tell whether or not this fervor will spread West, but I think it will.

It's a funny feeling, but I think Obama has a VERY good chance now. I wasn't feeling it over the weekend, but I've never seen a voting climate so charged like this. Since McCain is really nothing new, I can only assume this is due to Obama. Unlike Bush/Kerry 4 years ago, people actually care this time and are fired up. Especially the Democrat base, which was pretty lamely backing Kerry last time. I mean, we voted for him, but no one was really all that happy about it. And yet we almost beat Bush regardless.

Obama has far more going for him than Kerry, and McCain has far more going *against* him than Bush did. So we'll see . . .

I hope the rest of you go out and vote today. No matter who you choose, your ancestors fought long and hard and sacrificed so much so that you would have this freedom. Don't toss it aside lightly.

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