Friday, March 20, 2009

Heading Out

Well, the time in nigh . . . we are leaving for Paris! I can honestly say I'm not anxious or nervous one bit anymore. I've learned so many basic and wonderful French phrases, as well as researched the hell out of the maps and guidebooks, that I'm now pretty comfortable in my rudimentary knowledge of the city. Oh, and the "street view" function in Google maps was a godsend, too! :)

Anyway, I'm already packed and ready, but Lisa still needs to finish packing her stuff. Nothing new there. I usually never bring souvenirs back from our travels (don't want to use up costly luggage space), but maybe I might break the rule this once and bring back 2 bottles of wine (I think that's the limit, right?)

And perhaps a book or two from Shakespeare & Co.

So, since I doubt I'll be having Internet access while in Paris (and even if I do, I doubt I'll feel like checking in), I hope everyone has a great week! Though not as great as I plan to have. (heh, heh)

I'll be sure to bring back a ton of pics and (maybe) even some videos!

A la prochaine!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time. And, a safe journey.

    Will be anxious to "read all about it".

  2. I'm waiting for a tour to begin and they have an Internet cafe. We got here safe and sound, and everything's great so far!


  3. cannot wait to hear all about it and see the fotos! how very exciting!


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