Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Definitely Have To Visit This Bookstore!

Back in Season 3 of Highlander: The Series, in the episode titled "Methos," I was first made aware of this little bookshop in Paris called Shakespeare and Company. And I thought to myself: now there's an interesting bookstore I wish I could spend a whole day in! Of course, it was made even cooler by the fact that, in the show, it happened to be the daytime cover of the Watcher watching over Methos. A fact the villain Immortal, Kalas, exploits to his sinister advantage. It's also where the now infamous Watcher Chronicles were archived and backed up on CD-ROM (a duplicate of which was hidden away in one of the stacks, too!)

Anyway, now that I'm going to Paris in 2 weeks, you can guarantee that this will be on the top of my list of places to visit. In fact, we'll be within walking distance from our hotel, as it turns out the store is located nearby on rue de la Bûcherie near Place St. Michel (and directly across the Seine from Notre Dame).

Check out this video on Youtube which explores this wonderful gem with the store's manager (and the owner's daughter), Sylvia Whitman. Unfortunately I wasn't able to embed the video, so you'll have to click on the link to view this.

This place is legendary in the annals of English-lit history. Can't wait to go!


  1. Very cool. I don't think we went in there. Maybe next time-especially on Monday night for a reading.

  2. Nice to see another Highlander fan!!

  3. Kim, and you were so close too! (referring to that pic with your son and husband in front of Notre Dame)

    CH, I'm more than a fan . . . I'm a die-hard fanatic! I've seen EVERY episode of the show at least 5 times each. Some, many more than that. Even to this day I can recite some of the episodes verbatim! :) Were you ever a part of any of the online forums, like the Rysher one, or Holy Ground?

  4. Unfortunately, the only ones I've seen repeatedly are the ones I own on DVD (first 3 seasons - am saving money for the last three).

    Nope, never belonged to any online forums for it.

  5. Oh yes. You know you have to actually act a tourist this once and take a picture in front of this place, right? And look for a cd-rom sticking out of a book somewhere just in case.

  6. Oh trust me, for the Highlander sites especially, I *will* be in those pictures. :)


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