Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Snow Storm

Behold, yet another Nor'easter has struck the greater NYC metro area! The second time this month, and the third time for places farther west and south. This one is pretty wet and nasty so far, but even still we're starting to accumulate a few inches as evidenced by this quick photo I snapped on my way home through the Bronx. The fact that you actually see the individual snow flakes should tell you how big these flakes are. Normally the iPhone makes a hazy blur of falling snow.

But as someone who absolutely adores winter weather, you can imagine I'm actually very pleased by all this.


  1. Usually I would soooo agree with you - but about this time of year - I'm ready for spring.

  2. I can understand that. But I just love snow too much. I feel this is the first winter in a VERY long time that actually felt like winter. I love when the whole city is buried under many inches--if not FEET--of snow.

    This one is pretty bad, too. With the winds picking up, almost a true blizzard. I can hear it howling outside my windows now. Ooooh ... so AWESOME!!! :)


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