Saturday, September 18, 2010

The (Blog) Emperor's New Clothes

Well, here's the new look! As I promised earlier today, I've gone and revamped the style and colors of The Bimillennial Man. Phew!

It took me a while to get it just the way I like, but now I'm done. Perhaps I'll do a few more tweaks behind the scenes, but this is it folks!

And before you say anything: no, I'm not changing this. If you don't like the new look, design your own blog. My favorite color happens to be blue, which would explain the overall color scheme I've chosen. I've been so sick of the previous black, white and green motif for a long time now, so I'm glad I got that changed finally.

The other change is the map theme, which goes along with the new subtitle at the top. And, of course, those of you who know me and my fondness for Highlander, you should be able to get the other half of that sentence.

Got it? Good.

Of course, I can't take all the credit. This was all made possible by way of the new "Design" feature and templates being offered by the gracious folks at Google Blogger. This particular template was designed by Josh Peterson. All I did was change up the colors to my liking.

Next up, I'll be looking to overhaul the comments section and maybe adding a few more cool features in honor of these new digs. Maybe.

As always, and especially before I start tampering with them, please click on the "Comments" link at the end of this entry and express your impressions, good or bad.


Botanist said...

Odd, blue's my favourite colour too. Well, one of them, anyway ;-)

Not entirely sure about the fluorescent green headings, though I admit they do make it really easy to find the start of each post now.

This is way easier to read, too. I have real problems with white on black so I struggled a bit with the old design. Thanks for the change.

David Batista said...

Cool to hear, Ian. Thanks!

I might change the headings to a lighter blue, but I'm liking the way the green stands out for now.

Besides, there's only but so many different shades of blue I can use for the various page elements on my site.

Kim Kasch said...

Love the new look. And my favorite color is blue too. A close second is red - and purple right behind that. Weird 'cuz if you blend red and blue - well you get the picture.

David J. Batista said...

LOL! Yeah, I do.

Wow, I didn't realize blue was everyone's favorite color. We all ROCK! :)

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