Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Disney Cartoons Are Really Teaching Young Girls

I came across this series of comedy shorts on YouTube from the Second City Network, called "Advice for Young Girls From a Cartoon Princess." The shorts star the hilarious Second City alumn, Danielle Uhlarik, in the role of various princesses and heroines from popular Disney cartoons.

So far, only two shorts have been filmed--based on "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Little Mermaid," respectively--with possible plans to film more if enough viewers express an interest. So far the responses have been highly enthusiastic, so I think there's a fair chance we'll see more. Which is good, because I think these are AWESOME, and Danielle's delivery is so darn snarky and fantastic!

I'm posting the two videos down below (after the jump). Please click on them and show your support. Also, be warned that if you hold these cartoon characters as sacred, and if you have a poor appreciation of sarcasm, the humor might be lost on you. For everyone else, I think you'll find these funny and rather insightful, as well, into the social programming these types of cartoons engage. Particularly toward little girls who, let's be honest here, don't have a lot to aspire to if they look to these Disney princesses as role models for their lives.

Personally, I give kids more credit than that. Most girls are smarter than to fall for the trap of believing cartoons. But, still, I'm glad for folks like Ms. Uhlarik and other Second City alumns who can poke the sarcasm stick at these archetypes and expose them for the ridiculous tools that they are.

The first video is of Danielle playing the role of Belle in this PSA of sorts advising young women to stick with that hairy beastly man who, although he might knock you about a bit and lock you up at home for safe keeping, is really a loving life partner:

In the next video, Danielle takes on the Little Mermaid starring as Ariel:

Which one do you like best? I'd have to go with Belle. The "Stockholm" comment was pure gold, and Danielle is so irresistibly cute in that one!

And I swear I've seen Danielle Uhlarik somewhere else recently. I can't quite place my finger on it. Was it a movie, tv show, or even a standup routine? I don't know . . . and it's driving me CRAZY!!! Whatever the case may be, I sincerely hope they make more of these. Who do you think she should take on next? Snow White? Sleeping Beauty? My preference would be Pocahontas, personally.


  1. In our family we all love Disney - I mean that animation is awe-mazing but my daughter's idols were more along the lines of sports figures not princesses. She'd wanna be the one rescueing anyone in distress - just the way it is in my family.

  2. That's great, Kim. You raised your daughter right! But then, I already knew that. :)


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