Friday, November 26, 2010

Enough With This Black Friday Crap!

Lisa and I spent a very quiet Thanksgiving yesterday. No family. No friends. Just the two of us, alone in our apartment, catching up on tv shows we missed last week and ordering in. We checked out two British shows that I Tivo'd off the BBC America channel -- Luther, starring Idris Elba and Indira Varma (yummy!), and Law & Order U.K., starring among other people Jamie Bamber, "Apollo" of Battlestar Galactica fame. It also co-stars Freema Agyeman, an actress I've never seen before, but whom I shall be taking a special interest in henceforth.

Freema Agyeman . . . she's staring into your SOUL!

She's been in a few other British shows, most notably Doctor Who and Torchwood. She's of Persian (Iranian mother) and African (Ghanaian father) ethnicity, which I'm pretty sure accounts for her immense attractiveness. It's the eyes, for me. It's all about the eyes! :)

Anyway, both shows are fantastic so far. Luther is absolutely brilliant! The writing and acting are of the highest caliber. Law & Order UK is serviceable at this time. Good, but not as well written or edited as the various U.S. versions. At least, not so far. But I'll give it time to catch up. Too bad the theme music sucks, though. I mean, it's really awful! Personally, I also believe the title should be "London" rather than "U.K." After all, the new American show set in Los Angeles is called "L.A.", not "California" or "West Coast" or, worse, "U.S."

But I'm nitpicking. Suffice to say, I recommend these shows to anyone with access to BBC, BBC America, or a good download site. Luther, I believe, was just released on DVD this past week. The first season (or "series" as they're called across the pond) is only six 60-minute episodes long, but you get a lot for your buck. Law & Order UK is already on its fourth series, although the show only just premiered last year. So I'm sure some of the seasons are already available on DVD as well (I haven't checked).

As for today, Black Friday . . . please don't bring it up. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about it. Seriously, the way the news media have been shoving it down our throats has made me so disgusted with capitalistic greed. I know I sound like a dirty socialist now, or worse -- a commie! -- but all this talk about consumers rushing out and spending tons of money on crap no one really needs has only made my wallet curl up in the fetal position and refuse to open. I'm so not in the consumerist spirit right now, although I am generally ebullient about the holidays being upon us.

No, this day -- once again -- will be about me and my wife spending quality time together. We're heading downtown to watch some movies, eat some popcorn, and then have a nice lovely dinner together while the mall crowds shop themselves silly around us. I have a tremendous ability to be the calm port in the middle of a stormy sea, so none of the craziness should affect me.

And what movies will we be checking out? I haven't quite decided yet (and yes, I'm usually the one that has to make these decisions for the both of us), but I think we will check out the new Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson film, Faster, as well as that new Disney animated flick, Tangled. Click on the titles of each movie to watch the trailers.

So, I hope you all had a wonderful T-Day if you're in the States, and a wonderful, eh . . . Thursday if you're not. And don't listen to all the downers out there who told you not to over indulge on the feasting this holiday -- that's what Thanksgiving is for, you fuckers!


Botanist said...

OK, I confess that Ali and I inadvertently took part in "Black Friday", even though I had never heard the term in this context before now, and of course we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month.

We just happened to both have a day off work today, for coincidental and unrelated reasons, and decided it would be a good opportunity to get the kids' Xmas shopping done. So we did, in blissful ignorance that we were supposed to be doing just that as good little consumer sheep.

Oh well...

Rodney said...

I watched Luther as well and as intense as that show is, don't get too attached to it. As far as I can tell, the show's done. Especially since Indira Varma is now starring on Human Target.

As for Freema Agyeman, I had the pleasure of seeing her on Doctor Who (Season 3) and her appearances on Torchwood (which I haven't finished yet) and she is an exceptional actress. And I do recommend her on those shows.

While I wouldn't kick Ms. Agyeman out of bed for eating crackers, I find myself a bit more taken with her successor on Dr. Who, Catherine Tate.

David Batista said...

Ian -- well, it makes sense if you have kids. I do believe in giving children the best Christmases they'll never forget. I was always spoiled in that one regard when I was growing up. So, yes, if we had children of our own . . . we probably would've been out there trying to save pennies as much as we could.

Rodney -- Yes, Luther was called a mini-series, but I still hold out hope that it might continue. Unless you know something I don't about the last episode. I still have 3 more to go. And I've never watched Dr. Who or Torchwood, but have been meaning to. I'll take your word on Catherine Tate, since I don't know who that is, either.

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