Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The World Series That Wasn't

Congrats to the San Francisco Giants for winning their first World Series in around 56 years or so! It sucked that my Yankees weren't in it this year, but hey -- you can't win them all. To be honest, I'm still basking in the glow from last year's win, so I think it's rather gracious of us that we allowed someone else to win this year. Don't you? :)

Seriously, though, it was a special treat watching the high and mighty Texas Rangers get their asses handed to them -- and in their own home, too! Even more priceless was seeing that sorry sad monkey face on George W. Bush as the pride of Texas went down in flames right before his eyes. Ah, Cliff Lee . . . I like you as a person, but your team's fans deserved to see you bomb not just once but twice in the series. Kudos! I've always found you to be a humble and generally deserving of all your praise. But Rangers fans were getting way too full of themselves, pinning all their hopes on just one man like that. I hope they learned a lesson, and I hope you stick it out with the team for at least another year. As a Yankees fan, I know I'm supposed to root for you to come over to our team. But, honestly, you have a good fit where you are now. Let's see if you can make it happen next year, 'kay?

Of course, I'm hoping to have a rematch between the Rangers and Yanks next year. I get the feeling things won't pan out quite the same way then as they did this year. But we'll see.

But, yes . . . Giants FTW!!! As a former big time New York team, you do us proud!

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