Monday, November 1, 2010

One Or Two Quick Notes

Won't have much time to blog over the next several weeks, so I thought I'd catch you up on a couple of items:

First,  if you didn't catch my blog update yesterday, AMC premiered their new zombie series "The Walking Dead" last night -- and oh what a doozy of a pilot episode it was.

It was AWESOME! It was 90 minutes long, and I didn't get to watch it until close to midnight . . . but I was riveted the entire time! I had only intended to watch 30 mins or so, but ended up just staying put on the couch straight through from the opening to the ending credits. Not many shows can keep me interested right off the bat and for that long of a stretch.

Honestly, if you like dystopians and zombies and survival movies all rolled into one weekly serial, you're doing yourself a huge disservice by missing this show. The make-up and creature effects were just simply out of this world -- the best zombies I've ever seen, even better than a Romero movie! And Frank Darabont, the developer and producer of the series, also directed this pilot. This is the guy who directed The Shawshank Redemption people, perhaps the greatest movie of all time.

Do yourself a favor and WATCH THIS SHOW! If you need to, click on the link above for the trailer.

And secondly . . .

Yes, fear not. I did indeed start the novel last night, despite all the blog updates and tv show watching. Since we don't have any kids to fuss over, Halloween is a non-event in the Batista household. So just like I said it would, work has officially begun on my horror-fantasy manuscript on this All Hallows' Even. I didn't get very far into the opening chapter (which in fact will probably end up being chapter 7 or 8 when the actual book is done and ordered). I was met with some major stumbling blocks that needed overcoming, which hampered my usual writing speed of 800 words per hour. Mostly big picture decisions like narrative tone and atmosphere, which I generally get a good read on right out the gate on short stories, but which seemed like a much more daunting task at the start of an actual big novel like this one.

Then there was also the huge weight of the undertaking, my first ever attempt at a novel. I spent most of an hour simply worrying about the proper way to start off the chapter. Finally, in the end, it all came together well enough as I conquered my anxieties and the words started to flow.

Unfortunately, it was already late and the rest of the chapter was going to require my full energy and alertness for some pretty intense action scenes coming up. I thought it best to call it a night at this point, and to continue the next day after work . . . which is what I'll be doing tonight. Right now I'm exactly 502 words in after one day's attempt.

So, one day down -- 59 more to go!


  1. Love that you started the story on All Hallow's Eve. Very fitting for a fanpire story.

    Maybe you should join in with the NaNoWriMo group - a community kind of event.

  2. I thought I would join, Kim. But then I checked the official website and it just seemed like too much trouble. I don't want to have to keep track of a word count. Plus, this novel is looking to be at least 100,000 words long -- too long for NaNoWriMo.


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