Friday, November 5, 2010

Into The Heart Of Darkness

Well, I've sailed up the river and gone native . . . on my practice novel, that is. Although I'm still puttering away on the first chapter (only 3,500 words in, as of this writing), I'm having a blast so far. The story is invading most of my waking moments, and practically all of my sleeping ones as well.

And do you know what surprises me?

How much FUN I'm actually having! No, I mean seriously, taking on this huge project was very daunting to me back when I started to do the research and craft the first of many drafts of my outline. But now that I've actually started the *real* writing, it's been the most amazing experience. Now, sure, ask me again how I feel a month from now and perhaps I'll have a different outlook. But for now, living in this world and seeing what happens next is more exciting than playing my PS3. More exciting than even the original game this book is based on -- and that's saying a LOT!

I think what's also surprising me is just how smoothly the prose is flowing off my fingertips, a truer sign than any that I'm having fun as I write. Despite the fact that I'm writing much more slowly each day than my usual pace with short stories. I expect this will pick up as I get drawn even deeper into this world of 15th century Romanian horror, folklore, and politics . . . seriously, what's not to like about all that?

I'm debating whether or not to put a word counter on this blog, to update you all on my progress as I write. I have ambivalent feelings on the issue, so give me a few days to decide the matter one way or the other.

For now just know that I haven't collapsed into a heap of anguish and tears. Not yet, anyway. It helps that I have a very well-developed story that I fleshed out and elaborated upon numerous times over the past year. Knowing what my main themes are, plus how a majority of my separate lines will tie together by the end, helps tremendously in giving the direction I need to steer this ship on its proper course. If I run aground at any point, you probably won't hear about it. I doubt I'll be blogging much while I'm in the thick of things.

But on happy days like this one, where the writing is fresh and smart as it has been so far, I'll gladly keep you all abreast of my thoughts and temperament.

I mean, what more do you people want from me, eh? :)

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Glad things are going well, David. I always have trouble with short stories and prefer the breadth of canvas afforded by a novel. But it is a daunting task all the same. Hope things keep trucking along.

  2. Thanks, Ian! I can see how, in some aspects, a novel can be more freeing. But I find myself employing the same tricks of economy and editing as with short prose writing to keep my chapters concise and not dragging. So, in some ways, this novel of mine is like writing many, many short stories combined into one overarching narrative.

    Well, for now it seems that way anyway.


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