Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Game Of Thrones Teaser . . .

I cannot believe all the wonderfully good things I've been hearing about HBO's Game of Thrones in these months leading up to the grand premiere. Every bit of news, or clip, or interview, or collage of set pics that comes out, I'm reassured that this is going to be a show of the highest caliber. Once again I'm thrilled beyond belief that HBO is the one handling this project, and not regular network tv. With each new teaser that's released, I grow more restless for Spring to come. And, yes, the Stark family motto is: "Winter Is Coming" . . . but for me, winter's end is going to be when all the fun begins!

Anyway, to further string us fans along, HBO aired the latest teaser for the series before the premiere of the last season of Big Love last night. Check it out below--and make special note of the premiere date, which was only just recently decided upon:

For those of you who cannot access the clip above, click on this link to watch it on Youtube.

This teaser focuses primarily on the Iron Throne, and shows the various factions who are being tossed into the stew as potential claimants for control of all of Westeros. The tone is deliciously ominous and chilling, which I'm hoping speaks to how serious the subject matter is. For those of us who have read the books, we know all too well how quickly things go from grim to shit storm in the turn of a page!

I for one would not have my fantasy films or shows any other way.


Rodney said...

Yes, I like this trailer. It speaks to me a bit more than the first one. Much more ominous...

Josi Springs said...

You're making me wish I had a tv!

David Batista said...

Rodney -- Yes, exactly. I've been secretly skeptical of this production since the very early stages, but each new teaser gives me more confidence that this is going to be EPIC!

Sarah -- Damn! You're making me wish you had a tv, too! But I know how busy you are with your life. Good luck!

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