Monday, January 31, 2011

Various And Sundry -- End Of January Edition

I've been too busy to blog lately, for various reasons of which I'll mention just below. It's not that I've run out of things to discuss here (that would NEVER happen), but that I never seem to have enough time in the day to do all the things I need to do. So, unfortunately, this means the blog has to suffer, as it is of a lesser degree of urgency than my other real-life duties. However, I'd like to just quickly go over the most recent things happening in my temporal-starved existence. A sort of what's-what in the world of David J. Batista as of late.

First off, it seems I forgot to announce this a while back, but . . . my brother Jose (Joseph) is getting married later this year! He's younger than me by about 14 months and will be marrying his girlfriend, Catherine, of 7 years. They currently live in Houston, Texas and so this is where the ceremony will take place. This means that I'll be in the Houston area sometime around Veteran's Day this year. If any of my readers live at or near this fine city, let me know what's good in the hood over there. Particularly in terms of Mexicana or Tex-Mex eateries. Mmmm, yum! I haven't yet finalized our exact travel plans, but getting a head start on good places to eat is never a bad thing.

Following the news of this impromptu visit to the southwestern corner of this fair nation of ours, I spoke to my best friend, Tarrell, about perhaps making a road trip out of the event. Not to Houston, of course. That would be a bit much. But, rather, for after the wedding. We're thinking of making the drive to Las Vegas from there, stopping at the Grand Canyon and other attractions along the way. And after Vegas, perhaps we'll continue the drive west and hit up Tarrell's peeps in the San Bernardino/Riverside area of SoCal. It's been a while since I've been there, and wouldn't mind going back and reconnecting with these same peeps who have become my friends as well. While we're there, we may or may not relive our infamous June 2001 trip across the border to Tijuana, Mexico. Oh, did I not tell that one? Oops, my bad. Guess that's going to have to be the subject of a future blog update.

Tarrell and I might also use the opportunity to fulfill a long dreamed-of goal of ours, which is: to leap from an airplane at dizzying heights whilst nothing to keep us afloat but our bodies' own aerodynamics, the buffeting winds of the SoCal flats . . . and of course, a sturdy RELIABLE parachute strapped to our backs! Yes, we might be just a little bit insane, but those of you who know of my regularly frequent flight dreams also know that this is a big deal for me. Lisa is presently veto'ing this crazy plan of ours, though. Still, I have some time to work on her. She won't be joining us on this trip, but rightfully also doesn't have a desire to become a widow anytime soon, either. That's very reasonable of her.

Of course, more than likely none of this will come to past. It sounds like it might be costly, as well as too time-consuming to do all that we plan to do. But we're damn sure going to try and make it work, I tell ya!

On the writing front, I've been surprisingly unproductive. Oh, that's not exactly true. I've been productive, just not to a satisfying end. As you may recall, I took a brief break from novel writing to focus on some short stories. Problem is, the first of these planned stories was supposed to be a rewrite of an older unpublished work. But I've been wrestling with this rewrite for the past 6 weeks now! Och! Too long, too long. I did rewrite it once, but ended up scrapping that version into the trash. Presently I'm outlining the new draft, and I think I've finally ironed out the issues that had doomed the previous write. Hopefully I can start this 3rd attempt by the weekend and be done before the end of next week. If so, look for me to resume work on the novel right away. It's been too long cooling on its heels, so the other 2 short stories I've been cooking up will just have to wait some more.

Lastly, yes . . . I know I've been talking a lot about all things Dead Space lately. Unless you're a gamer, you just don't get it. But from now on, all Dead Space 2 news will be funneled through my "Now Playing" sidebar in the right column of this blog. Check that space from time to time to read up on my progress through this harrowing, but quite action-packed, adventure on The Sprawl. I just started the game over the weekend and already I can't get enough of it. I think all you scaredy cats out there are doing yourselves a huge disservice by not playing this game and/or its predecessor. Those of you who are gamers, I mean -- and you KNOW who you are! I'm going to need to finish up Dead Space 2 before March, since a game I've been looking forward to for over a year now, Crysis 2, will be *finally* hitting shelves then. My early buzz detectors are telling me this title is going to "pwn" HARD!

And, so, that's all the news that's fit to print in my neck of the woods! Hope you all are keeping warm and safe in this, the coldest time of the year across most of the continental U.S. and Canada. I, of course, am absolutely loving all this snow we've been getting in the New York Tri-State area. I only wish we could get MORE!!!

*ducks angry snowball thrown his way*


Yvonne said...

I sometimes have to make time to write. Be it on my blog or a story I'm working on. I HAVE to make time for it otherwise, it won't happen. I must confess though, I've gronw lax in my working on my short stories and my novel. I've lost motivation I think. But I'm fervently looking for it! Yay for coming to Houston! I'll send you to all the yummy places to eat here!

David Batista said...

Yvonne, that's right! You live in Houston, yes? Kewl! I'll definitely be asking you for sugestions as it gets closer to my brother's wedding in November.

A big part of writing, I'm learning myself, is forcing yourself to write even on those days you don't feel motivated. My way of doing this is to write every day, rain or shine, regardless of my mood. On particularly uninspiring days, maybe I'll only write 300 words. But then the next day, perhaps I'll write 1,700. It doesn't quite matter how much you write in one day, so long as it's something! Pretty soon, you'll realize that motivation is overrated. Butt-in-chair dedication is what gets novels written. :)

Yvonne said...

Yes I totally agree with you! It takes dedication to get the job done. I still write when I'm not motivated but my writing suffers and I am not satisfied with it so I get frustrated. Eh, such is the writer's life! :) Oh and yes, I live in H-town! :)

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