Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Update, Post Mortem

This blog post was to go up last night . . . but I completely dropped the ball. So, you get it a day late. Sorry.

You ever have one of those weekends where you have so much planned, but then so much other crap comes up that you get none of your original plans done? Yeah, that was me. Nothing bad, I must add, but I sure did get a lot of distractions to prevent me from doing what I wanted to do. Of primary suckitude was not getting to continue working on the novel. I had planned to bang out an additional chapter or two, but instead I ended up getting squat done. Oh well, I'm not too stressed about it. Work is coming along nicely on that, and I'm still ahead of the pace I had set a few months back. So, in the long run, I doubt this will be a major setback. As always, you can keep monitoring the word counter at the top of the page to see my progress. I'm about 20,000 words in right now, which I think is roughly 7 chapters or so. Nowhere near the end goal of 120,000 words, or course, but I'm not in a race.

Luckily, I did manage to get in my daily workouts. I almost didn't, because when I get majorly distracted by outside influences it can make it damn nigh impossible to find the motivation. But find it I did. For those wondering, I work out 6 days a week rain or shine. I really don't play around, and never really had a problem with motivation. My schedule is usually:

Mon. and Weds. -- weight training and 3 mile run (1 hour)
Sun., Tues. and Thurs. -- 4 mile run on treadmill with variable incline (35 mins)
Friday -- Rest day.
Saturday -- weight training and calisthenics (45 mins)

Saturday is always my big day since I workout with much heavier weights than I do during the week. So I was glad I forced myself to get that in this weekend. I always get cranky if I miss my Saturday workout.

Additionally, although many of you did not know this, I've been on a juice fast for the past 3 weeks. Yesterday was my last day. This was my first time undertaking such a thing, and I did it primarily as a cleanse. I had no intention of losing weight on it since I'm in very good shape as it is, but in the end I lost 6 pounds anyway. Wow. The "juice" I drank was nothing more than fresh fruits and vegetables put through the grinder. 100% natural, with nothing else added except some wheat grass and spirulina powder for an added energy boost. Still I'm extremely careful with my daily nutrition--I keep charts and everything! So I made it a point to make sure I got a more than adequate dose of protein, too, throughout the day. I'm very particular about my carbs to protein balance since I work out a lot and it's very important to me that I burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

So, yeah, after 3 weeks of eating like a vegetarian hooked up to a tube, I lost a bit of body fat and actually GAINED muscle mass. It's ridiculous, I tell ya! But I feel and look great. Today marks the start of real food, which my body had no problem adjusting to apparently. I guess because I'm still eating healthy anyway. I did have one lapse around a week back when my good buddy GYSC came to visit New York City for his first time. We watched the Jets vs. Pats game at a crazy little Irish pub in Hell's Kitchen, then I introduced him to good ol' NY pizza at this really cool spot I know nearby. But, see, I had already factored in at least one "cheat" day during this juice cleanse--and that happened to be it. So it was actually no big deal. I'm good at not guilt-tripping myself like that. It's how I've managed to keep in sound body and mind all these years. :)

So, at least that didn't get side-railed this weekend. What else?

Oh, yeah, I finished up playing Gears of War 3. You can read all about it in the "Now Playing" sidebar to the right of this page. And just in time for Batman: Arkham City to come out tomorrow! I will most likely pick the game up on Wednesday, however, and won't get around to playing it until this Friday. I have a busy week ahead of me, including catching up on some of the stuff I didn't get to do this weekend, like read and update my iPhone to the newly released iOS 5.0 update. That's going to take me a while to get through since it will erase everything on my phone and I need to make sure I do an adequate backup of all my settings and files first before I commit. Wish me luck!

So, that's all the news that's fit to print in my neck of the woods. How was your weekend?


getyourselfconnected said...

Yeah, blame it all on me, I see how it is :) You are great about sticking to your work out schedule. It shows! Glad you are making progress on the work. Mark off a cheat day next time I come to NYC (next fall) or you visit Boston and we will hit some crazy steak house like Ruths Chris or Smith and Wollensky.

David Batista said...

Oh, you bet! I would love to come up to Boston some time. And a steak house sounds PERFECT! I love steak, although I don't get to eat it all that often due to my health regimen. That would be like heaven for a carnivore like me, though. Good call, man! :)

Botanist said...

Good going on the workouts and diet. That puts you way ahead of me in the diligence stakes already. And look at it this didn't fail in your plans, you just made new ones :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Dude! You're a machine! Send some of that motivation my way!

Re: the juice cleanse - how much "juice" a day? Did you add protein powder to that? If so, what kind? I was on a detox last winter, a little bit different than yours - nothing but 5 shakes a day (protein/carb balanced) and tons of steamed organic green veggies. Wow was I ever a grumpy b*tch for the two weeks I was on it! Felt amazing afterwards, though, and the mysterious headaches I used to get totally went away. I lost 8 lbs, which never came back (yay!).

My weekend was boring. Worked on the current book all day Saturday. Took Sunday off to recharge brain cells, but spent it running errands. I am so due for a vacation.

David Batista said...

Ian -- Thanks, man!

Jen -- I would drink around 2 liters of the green and red goodness each day. The green drink was: celery, lettuce, apple, broccoli, cucumber, ginger, and kale; the red was: beet, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger, and berries. Wheat grass and spirulina thrown in for both. For protein, I used separate protein drinks and ensured that I got somewhere around 120 to 160 grams a day. Like I said, I'm very particular about my protein intake. Not a lot to get really buffed up, but enough to maintain a nice lean muscle mass that never deteriorates. :)

And, hey -- good going on the new book! Yeah, you so need a serious vacay!

Alittlesprite said...

My weekend was swimming at the beach :)

David Batista said...

Oh yes, Sprite. I read your blog post about how much fun you're having at the new digs. Awesome!

Yvonne Salvatierra said...

You are so dedicated to your health! I envy that. I'm not there yet. I'm better than I was a year ago, but still working towards more weight loss. Your juice fast sounds interesting. I'm going to toy with it and maybe will even try it. I'll keep you posted. Send some of your good vibes to me, maybe they'll stick! :) My weekend was fantastic!

David Batista said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone's had such great weekends!

Yvonne -- Sending you my good vibes right . . . now! :) It takes time, by the way, to work up to really good workout discipline. I've been doing this for over 6 years now, and learned a whole lot of interesting things about myself along the way. I'm also very stubborn, and will berate myself until I feel lousy at having missed a workout. Because I started all this for health reasons, it's very easy for me to "scare" myself into finding that extra ounce of effort to get up and go. I fear sliding back into the bad habits that brought me to a scary place at the end of 2004, beginning 2005.

Good luck!

Antares Cryptos said...

I used to do fasts, now I just eat all of those veggies on a regular basis.
Good routine. I go for long fast paced walks on rest days.
Did you have a health scare back then?

Arkham City, we won't be seeing you for awhile. ;)

David Batista said...

Antares -- This was my first time doing the fast. I'll probably do another 3-week stint in January. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables normally, but the juice allows for far greater quantities than I could ever hope to eat in whole form.

And, yes, I did get a health scare over 6 years ago at the age of 28. Long story short, I was 40 lbs overweight and diagnosed with Type II diabetes. It kicked me into gear and I ended up losing 60 lbs in 9 months and completely eradicating the diabetes in the process. Ever since late 2005 I've been in perfect health, and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.

The longer version of this story can be found in the 5-part blog article linked below, in case anyone's interested:

Yvonne Salvatierra said...

Thank you! Yeah, I know it takes time. It's a process. I admire your zest for maintaining. What is pushing me more lately, is my age. I'm getting older and well, things are happening to my body that never use to happen before. So, I in Rocky mode from here on out. )

Jennifer Hillier said...

I just went and read your entire 5-part health series and WOW! You are so inspiring!

You did what most people can never do, David. You changed your life.

Amazing. Not that I needed another reason to be impressed with you, but wow. :)

David Batista said...

Aww, thanks Jen! That means a lot to me. And, wow at reading the whole thing! Looking back at it now, I can't believe I wrote all that on the one subject. What was I smoking? :)

Ashe Hunt said...

My weekend was busy, hardly slept. Worked Friday night and had a five hour class on Saturday and stayed an extra hour talking to a classmate and the professor. Worked Sat. night and went to Aikido on Sunday for a few hours. Then worked Sun. night. Rested Monday so I'm good now but man was I exhausted. Glad the juicing worked out for you. Tren and I will be getting a juicer this week. There's a juice/vegan place near where we live that we've been going to. It's pretty decent. And we tried the juice from Whole Foods we talked about. It wasn't bad and Tren liked it a lot. But we'll be doing our own juicing soon.

David Batista said...

The thing I like about the BluePrintCleanse juice from Whole Foods is that they cram way more juice and veggies in those 16oz bottles than you could ever dream of getting from a regular juicer machine. This being, of course, because they "press" the juice out of produce matter, rather than chop it up into fine particles. However, juice machines produce a product with higher fiber which is very good. I found myself switching between the two methods throughout the day.

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