Monday, January 11, 2010

Prelim Work On The Novel Continues Apace . . .

As I've mentioned on numerous occasions, I'm working on a practice novel. I call it "practice" because--although I will be putting as much effort, research, and planning into the writing of this as I would a *REAL* novel--the subject matter and barest of outlines is being taken from an already existing property. To wit: Konami's excellent 1990 NES video game, Castlevania III.

Because I'm fleshing out the story a great deal--which entails adding a lot of different facets to the rather thin game storyline--most of the last few months have been spent conducting careful research. In addition to playing the game over again from start to finish, recording it to DVD, and conferring with various game maps and player's guides, I've also been putting in some scholarly research into the actual life and times of the historical Vlad Dracula, whom may or may not be the same man masquerading about in the game as the Prince of Eternal Night. About roughly half the story will deal with the political realities of the era in which Castlevania III takes place, none of which was even briefly hinted at in the game.

If I can pull it off, I plan to weave both halves--the game's existing plot and the historical politics--into one entertaining quilt work, adding poignant character studies and lots of twists and turns along the way.

At least, that's the plan.

Given all of the above, it's plain to see that this is in fact a real novel for me. Due to copyright issues and such, naturally, I won't ever be able to sell this work or publish it legitimately . . . but I daresay I'll gain a ton of valuable writing experience from the project.

So, this is a novelization folks. A media tie-in, if you will. I'm not stealing anything, and I'm not making a profit off of the hard work of Konami's employees. The writing itself will be wholly original, however, expounding upon themes not exactly covered in the game. Still, the major characters and the basic progression of the action scenes will be based largely on an already existing work.

I cannot stress this part enough.

Now, that being all said . . . I hope you are as excited as I am to begin this endeavor. I have a bit more prep work to do before I get started. I still need to do an outline and explore some of the minor characters and what-not. But the general plot and themes have already been mapped out at this point. As much as they can be for a work not yet in progress. I'm looking at a start date sometime later this year.

Keep your fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of what to expect. I wrote the following brief synopsis in the form of a book flap preview -- the type of thing you might find at the back of a book describing the general precepts behind the novel you are about to read (in my case, write). I wrote this just to wrap my head around the more salient points and to provide a sort of guidepost for me, beyond which boundaries I SHALL NOT STRAY!

If all goes well, this may end up being my actual novel synopsis. Although I'm quite sure I'll edit it a lot before I'm done. But, yes, this may just be what you see on the back of the book if I decide to self-publish this as a not-for-profit chapbook. The attendant artwork might or might not be used as the cover as well.




Or is he?

15th century Wallachia is on the brink of civil war. The great noble houses vie for control of the throne left empty by the demise of their prince, Vlad Dracula. Yet rumors persist of renewed activity at Dracula’s haunted mountain citadel. Dark clouds brew above the tallest parapets, while ungodly beasts stalk the forests below. Some say Dracula has turned strigoi—vampire!—and means to spread his unholy influence across all of Europe.

The people pray for a hero to appear. They whisper the name: Belmont!

Armed with a legendary heirloom bequeathed by his ancestors, Trevor Belmont answers the call. But if he ever hopes to see daylight again, he’ll need to enlist the aid of a motley trio of unlikely allies:

Grant the adventurer, charming and deadly with a dagger.

Sypha the warlock, cold and silent, master of the arcane arts.

And finally, Adrian—an enigmatic immortal who’s hatred of Dracula may surpass Trevor’s own.

In the highest tower above Castle Dracula, the Belmont clan's eternal foe patiently awaits. Can Trevor overcome the fiendish traps set before him? Or will he and his companions surrender their souls upon the treacherous battlements of . . .



  1. Nice! The synopsis does generate the proper interest. Can't wait!

  2. I have seen that game. My sons have it for their handheld . . .whatever it is.

    That's a great synopsis. Maybe you could use it as inspiration and write your own "new" story. I know they say "we're over vampires" but I've been hooked especially since Salem's Lot.

    And, if not, I hope you have a great time working on your practice novel.

  3. Dude. Really? That's one of my favorite NES games! I used to like this ridiculous Nintendo tie-in novel where Simon Belmont from Castlevania II came to the real world and a kid had to help him...

    Anyway, good luck with this project! At the very least, you could probably post it in some Castlevania fanfic forum and get some comments on it.

  4. Hey, thanks for visiting Eugene! And once again, congrats on the sale of your own novel -- FTW!

    Awesome, I'm so glad to see someone else out there shares my love for this game. So far the writing is going swell, although I'm currently taking some time off to rewrite that one short story you read . . . :)


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