Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Fistful O' Trailers

Well, it's a slow week around these here parts. Baseball season has begun, and my Yanks are doing their thang rockin' the Bronx into the late hours of the night again. :) They just won three out of their first four games of the season. Here's hoping that, despite my severe misgivings about our pitching this year, that maybe just MAYBE we'll have enough to muscle our way to the top spot in the league again. I don't care how many power bats we have at the plate -- it won't mean dick without power on the mound as well. At least our bullpen is looking fairly decent, though. It's our starters I'm worried about. I smell a big trade coming up in the next month or so to help on that front, because as of right now we are sorely missing Andy Pettitte.

Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about baseball. Nope. Actually, hadn't planned on saying much at all. What I *did* come here for was to show off two new and exciting video clips. The first one is for the new Thundercats cartoon coming out on the Cartoon Network sometime later this year. I talked about this project two months ago here in this entry, and even showed a very rough teaser. But now they've just released an actual full-fledged trailer.

Check it out by clicking here.

Now, I'm a little iffy on this. To me it looks and sounds good, sure. I like some of the nods to the original cartoon, but not so much some of the departures for some reason. It's interesting that Mum-Ra still looks pretty much the same, as does Jaga. But Lion-O is very different compared to his 80s counterpart. Slithe seems more bluish this time around, too. But as a massive mutant toad, I suppose he could go either way, right -- green or blue? The only major element missing from this trailer, though, is Panthro. Where the hell did he go? We know he's in the series thanks to the promotional art that's been circulating, but I guess he just didn't make the cut for this particular trailer. Oh well. You do, however, catch a glimpse of Snarf. Ugh! I hated Snarf. Luckily for me, it seems that he will be voiceless this time around. Just a sidekick/pet I'm guessing, rather than Lion-O's incessantly annoying nursemaid. Which, to be honest, was just straight up weird in the original series.

Ultimately I will have to wait and see with this. From the trailer, I'm not liking how it's implied that the entire race of Thundercats live on 3rd Earth -- rather than hailing from another planet called Thundera. Perhaps the original story was just too uncomfortably close to Superman's Kryptonian origins? I always thought this was so even back when I was an 80s kid watching this cartoon. But of course these days Superman is even more in people's faces, so it's kinda hard to ignore blatant ripoffs now without hordes of avid followers crying foul. Of course, it could be that the trailer is misleading. There could be more going on here than what we can assume. Like I said, we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the other big video I wanted to show off is, of course, the airing of the first 14 minutes from the premiere episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. It appeared this past Sunday night just before the 3rd episode of Mildred Pierce. I didn't watch it. Like I've mentioned before, I wanted to save the awesome for when the full episode airs on the 17th. But for those of you who don't care about such things, or who just want a glimpse to decide whether or not to invest in this show . . . here's the first 14 minutes for you to take a gander over:

(Please click here for the Youtube version if the above vid doesn't work or is too choppy.)

I'm hearing from a lot of sources that this first episode is beyond amazing! For those critics who have been privy to advanced screenings, some are saying that it is the best of the new crop of cable shows premiering this month. Meaning, it's better than even Camelot (no surprise there) and The Borgias (whoa!). A lot better, in fact. Hmm, I don't know. I've seen the first episodes now of both these shows, and they're only "okay." So it could be that Thrones doesn't have a high bar to hop over. Still, as a big fan, I am optimistic and do honestly feel that this show is going to surprise a lot of people.

If any of you are brave enough to check out the preview clip above, please voice your opinions in the comments section below. You don't have to worry about spoiling anything for me as I already know, story-wise, what's going on in this clip. But at the very least tell me if what you've seen so far is enough to make you want to watch the rest of the episode, and perhaps even the rest of the season.

Okay? Cool beans!

Ta-ta for now.


Yvonne said...

I'm loving the baseball talk! lol I got nothin. I just wanted to post on here because you posted about baseball! lol GO ASTROS!!!!

David Batista said...

Well, thanks for chiming in anyway. Guess I'm glad I talked about baseball after all. :)

And as long as you're a fan of the Astros and not, say, the Rangers, we're good. LOL!

Rodney said...

I'm already sold on Game of Thrones. And I actually liked the ThunderCats trailer! I posted my opinion in a bit more detail on my blog.


getyourselfconnected said...

I liked the older Thundercats story, but maybe worth a look. Of course I am going to watch Game of Thrones, I did not watch the clip as to keep it all fresh when it comes out.

David Batista said...

Rodney -- LOL! You know what's funny? As soon I put up this entry, I thought to myself: Hmmm, now I wonder how long it will take before I see Rodney cop'ing this for his own blog? The Thundercats portion, I mean. You certainly didn't disappoint! :)

GYC -- I definitely think it's worth a look. I don't care how much it strays from the original. Because my 80s memories will always be with me. Plus, I own the DVDs of the original, so this new show can never take that away from me. So in that case, I'm actually quite optimistic about this new version. And good on you for not watching the GoT preview. I certainly understand. Can't wait to hear what you think once the 17th rolls around, tho!

Ashe Hunt said...

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!! I only watched the first opening scene. That show is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Winter IS coming!!! I'm so glad it's coming in my springtime!!!

I'm not too impressed with the new Thundercats however.

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