Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In The Mail

I got a surprise in the mail the other day: A magazine that I've never subscribed to. Oh, joy.

What's more, it was an issue of Rolling Stone! WTF? I might have mentioned it on Facebook before, but I'm actually not a huge music head. I'll listen to my favorite tunes here and there, but I'm not obsessed about music the way most people are. Definitely not to the point where I need a magazine devoted to the subject arriving in my mailbox every month.

How did this happen, I wonder? I've never even once expressed interest in Rolling Stone magazine. Not that it's not a fine publication. It has a pretty good rep from what I hear tell. It's just not for me.

However -- here's where it gets strange. Although I may have never even so much as thumbed distractedly through an issue of this magazine, I did in fact have my eye on purchasing the current issue off the newsstand for one very obvious reason:

So how freaky coincidental is it that the very issue I was ogling at the supermarket just happened to show up in my mailbox--addressed specifically to ME, mind you--just a mere couple of days after setting eyes on this cover?

And, yes, oh what a fabulous cover it is -- good lord!!! *drools*

Those of you new to my blog might not know this, but I have a HUGE crush on Rihanna. Prior evidence of which exists in entries found here and here. Sure, this came about during her pre- crazy-as-a-cat-in-a-burlap-sack phase which she seems to be in at the moment . . . but HOT is still HOT. I cannot deny it. And neither should you.


Back to . . . um . . . magazines now. If you really must know I subscribe to Scientific American, Astronomy, Archeology, and Discover mags. These are the subjects which rock my boat, magazine-wise. And they're also about all I have time for these days. If Rolling Stone keeps coming to me for free, though, then maybe I'll add it to my stack. But somehow I suspect this is just a one-time promotional ploy due to my recent purchase of concert tickets to go see Def Leppard live in July. It's an anniversary gift for my wife, in case you're wondering. But me and my Rihanna-obsessed daydreams thank the bulk mail gods nonetheless. Good looking out, y'all!

So, er, if you want something to talk about in the comments: which magazines do you all subscribe to?


The Frisky Virgin said...

LOL--Looks like the mail fates delivered! Kinda eerie, but cool at the same time.

Hmm, magazines...well...I like Texas Monthly, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Cosmo, and Vogue. :)

Watchtower said...

Rihanna has an attraction to the dark side?
GYSC had better watch out, hee hee.

At the moment I enjoy any magazine that deals with traveling, especially articles on the United State's desert Southwest (think Route 66) and Western Europe.

Jennifer Hillier said...

You must've been putting out some serious messages to the universe for this to magically appear in your mailbox! :)

Hot is hot... indeed. Rihanna would definitely be in my top 10 list of girl crushes.

I subscribe to a bunch of mags but have no time to read them right now, so they're piling up. Allure, Marie Claire (yes, girly stuff), People, Entertainment Weekly, Time, and National Geographic (I'm not all fluff!).

Yvonne said...

Her body is smoking hot! Gotta give her credit for that! As for the stars aligning and you receiving that Rolling Stone mag in the mail, that's pretty amazing stuff! Do you have special powers you haven't told us about? ;) I used to subscribe to tons of mags but not so much anymore. The only ones I subscribe to now are, The New Yorker, Marie Claire, and Texas Monthly.

getyourselfconnected said...

Too funny, I saw the same magazine at the bookstore and was going to buy it but my wife saw me looking at it! As Watchtower said, if Rhianna likes the darkside, she could be my apprentice.

I only subscribe to In-Fisherman right now, best fishing magazine out there. I used to read Discover Magazine but now I just read online.

David Batista said...

LOL! Good call, Watchtower. I didn't even catch that SW reference, but you're right. GYSC is heading on vacation to more or less the same geographical location she hails from, too. Uh-oh . . .

Oh, and I *love* to travel. I actually do want to get down to the southwest at some point. My friend and I were thinking of a roadtrip there, actually. And I already have the Western Europe bug, having been to France and Italy. Right now I have the Eastern Europe bug, though. I so badly want to travel to Czechia, Hungary, and most importantly Romania.

Frisky -- My wife collects some of those, so they actually do come to my house via the mailbox. Much to my annoyance (I hate stuffed mailboxes).

Jen -- It amazes me on how many women's "girl crush" lists Miss Rihanna appears. I try not to think too hard on that, or else my head will explode . . . ;)

Yvonne -- I have to get back to you on the powers. Must run some field tests first.

And HEY, the two Texas girls here both subscribe to Texas Monthly? :) Am I missing something? What is that, exactly? And how cool is it that your state has its own magazine? It must be a "Texas thang" I'm guessing. :)

David Batista said...

GYSC -- Good man! You have excellent taste, I see. :) Eventually I'm going to cut back on all the print stuff coming to my house and get an iPad or something similar to read all my subscriptions digitally. I visit Discover online to gather ideas for future sci-fi stories waiting to be written.

I'm so happy to see that everyone here subscribes to some form of magazine. I thought we were a dying breed, the magazine readers of the world. Glad to be proven wrong (in a good way).

Botanist said...

You must have some good karma goin' there, David, to get that lucky!

Good Lord, are Def Leppard still going? I remember seeing them in Oxford way back in 1979, when they were an unknown support act for...can't remember who now :)

The only magazine I subscribe to is New Scientist. As it's a weekly publication that's plenty of material for my limited reading time.

David Batista said...

Well, apparently they are still going. Def Leppard's my wife's favorite band. We have all their albums. Over the years, they've grown on me too!

Kim Kasch said...

It sounds like a conspiracy to me. Someone is stalking you in the grocery aisle. They see what you're looking at, know who you are and where you live....YIKES, I'd be afraid not happy ;)

Rodney said...

Funnily enough, the only magazine I subscribe to is Game Informer.

And yes, Rihanna is looking especially delectable in this cover. Good for you, David.

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