Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Like My Big Cities Dreary

I don't know what it is about me, but I love overcast days. I actually despise sun-shiny days. Not because I'm trying to go all goth or a wannabe vampire like is all the craze these days, but because everything looks so much cooler with dark clouds hanging above it all.

But when I go out to the countryside, I find that dreariness does not suit a more natural setting. So I realized it's only when I'm in the city that I prefer it to look appropriately gloomy and sinister -- the way it looks in, say, a Tim Burton movie. Yup, that's the look that fits big cities best!

Today *was* a gloomy day. I say "was" because suddenly the sun decided to break out around noon and ruin my perfectly washed-out looking morning, as evidenced by the picture above taken right outside the window at my office.

Doesn't that look like the New York you've come to expect?

We'll be going to Paris next month, and this is exactly how I'm secretly hoping it will look the entire time we're there. Lisa would kill me if she knew this is what I hope for. But, come on, it's going to be March! It's not like there's going to be flowers and trees blooming or anything. Plus, it's called the City of Lights for a reason. So who cares if it's overcast? (heh, heh)

Does anyone else think the gloom befits a big, old city? People from So-Cal are automatically banned from adding their 2 cents, btw. :)


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  2. Yes, Marvel and DC comics' depictions of good ole NY/Gotham have set the standard for the look of really urban cities. Plus you're an autumn baby so overcast skies are kind of the norm.

    Oh, and good call shutting down those shiny happy people from So Cal! I lived there, they have know Idea what a real city is!

  3. LOL!

    Sorry, Cin, but no one wants to hear about how perfect and sunny it is in beautiful San Diego. :)

    We're jealous enough over here, thank you very much. (haha)

  4. but...but...i've lived in nyc AND london! i shouuld have a say. i should! *glares at everyone*


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