Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Reads The NY Post Anyway?

There's been some uproar recently over a political cartoon published in the NY Post which some have taken to be a racist slant against our President.

Now, look, I'm all for calling out racism when it rears its ugly head. I would be the first to throw down if this were in fact a truly racist cartoon. But, folks, seriously . . . come on now? You all can't be *this* stupid!

Before I go on, for those of you living under a rock and who haven't read the cartoon in question, here it is:

Now, keep in mind that this cartoon is coming out a couple of days after a poor woman was attacked and viciously mauled by her friend's chimpanzee, an incident in which police had to shoot and kill the chimp. Combined that with the recent brouhaha over the stimulus bill making the rounds in Congress over the past few weeks, and you see the backdrop against which this silly cartoon was painted.

And, yeah, if you *want* to act really ignorant and choose to look at the cartoon in a certain light, yeah it *might* seem overly racist. The knee-jerk reaction being that the cartoon is comparing Obama to a chimp gone crazy.

But hold on here. Is this really what the cartoon is saying? I offer that it is not. First off, Obama is not the author of the stimulus plan. He didn't write the thing out himself by the dim light of the midnight oil in the oval office. The bill was drafted by a number of authors, all of whom work in Washington. What the cartoon is satirizing here is not the President, but the chimps in Congress who drafted and ok'd the bill. Yes, President Obama backs and endorses the bill, but he did not write it. And even if he did, the cartoon is saying that the bill is so lopsided and full of nonsensical holes that it MIGHT AS WELL have been written by a bunch of chimps.

And let's be honest here, folks, it kinda does seem like it was. I'm a huge supporter of Obama and a tried and true voting Democrat, but I can't lie and say I'm entirely put at ease by this huge stimulus package. For now I trust Obama and his advisers, but at the same time I can appreciate the need for and the execution of a wee bit of humor at the expense of those backing the bill.

Come on, people. Let's not make a mountain out of something that is definitely not deserving of this much attention. It was silly, maybe a little bit in bad taste (considering the poor woman who now needs facial reconstruction because of the chimp), but was in no way comparing our President to a simian.

I just wanted to be clear here. Let's all move along now and get back to our normally scheduled programming.


  1. Honestly - I don't usually read it but I did read this. Kinda weird-maybe insensitive. . .

  2. I think it's insensitive to the woman who was attacked and almost killed, but not to politicians in Washington or backers of the stimulus bill.

    It's a common joke to compare a badly written piece to a bunch of monkeys banging on a typewriter. That's what this cartoon was satirizing, along with the chimp attack in Connecticut. Not the race of the President of this country.

    That's why I don't see the harm in this cartoon. I mean, I boycot the Post anyway because it's a poor excuse for a newspaper. But even I admit this cartoon is harmless.


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