Saturday, February 28, 2009

LIghtning Strikes Twice In One Month

Back around Feb. 2, I mentioned here that my second sci-fi short story to be purchased, "Khan Tengri," was available over at Silverthought online. Although it was being published first, my actual very first sale ever had occurred the previous year.

Well now that story, "Enemy of my Enemy," is finally online as well, over at Afterburn SF. Check it out for yourself if you're curious how my writing used to look 2 years ago. "Enemy of my Enemy" is an interesting story I wrote when I was still new to the concept of writing "for reals" -- and not just something I played around with like back in my high school and college days. Personally, I think I've grown a LOT since this story, yet so far to date I've been unable to sell anything else. In that sense, this story is like a glimpse back in time. I write more fluidly and concise nowadays, but in some ways these two stories are more FUN! I have to remember to recapture this fun in my new works.

"Enemy of my Enemy" is also a cross-genre fiction piece, blending sci-fi action with just the right touch of horror elements. I liken it to the movie Aliens meeting the video game series Resident Evil. Read the story and you'll understand. :)

So this concludes the thoroughly wild and altogether fruitful month of February for me. To wit, all within a few weeks I've gotten two stories published and have also been promoted at my job. March promises to be sweet as well, with our trip to Paris looming around the tail end of the month (right in time for the start of Spring).

I, of course, will be working hard in the meantime to try and add more short fiction sales to my resume. I don't want the month of February to be a fluke in 2009. I'm so desperate to keep the momentum rolling. Of course, I'll keep ya'll updated on that front.

Hope you guys like the story. Please comment here to throw out your opinions. Or just to chat. Or whatever.


Ashe Hunt said...

SO cool. I'm so happy for you sellin' stories and stuff. Can't wait until the day that first novel gets done!

David Batista said...

No one will be more surprised than myself if that day ever comes! :)

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