Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dream Opposites

I have this strange reoccurring dream. Seems that I constantly dream the opposite of what is about to happen in real life, particularly concerning important events specific to myself. As a teenager, just before end of the year report cards, it was customary of me to have a particular bad dream the night before where I failed two or three classes and would need to repeat a grade. I would wake up terrified and wonder if it was a portent of things to come. Only to go to school and find out that I had passed with flying colors.

Same thing happened with my driving test, and with my thesis review in college. And each time reality turned out to be the opposite. But sometimes I'll dream a "good" outcome, like winning a contest or something, only to end up having the opposite and "bad" result in real life.

Such is the case as what happened last night. I don't want to go into details, because I firmly believe in the power of the jinx, but I just dreamt that I got a letter in the mail saying that one of my stories was purchased by this really important place I've been waiting to hear back from now. And in the dream, everyone was so happy for me. And I remember saying: "Wow, when it rains it pours! A third story, now? I can't believe my luck!"

And then I woke up. I literally yelled out in frustration. Not just because I realized it had been a dream, but because I know what this usually means for me. Yup, the exact opposite of what happened in the dream.

So now I'm worried that this particular story I have in mind has been rejected. Of course, time will tell.

Then again, one bit of hope is this: the last time I sent a story to this place and was so worried about the outcome, I didn't have any dreams about it at all. And then I got the letter saying it was rejected. Maybe I should take it as a good sign that I had a dream at all this time?

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much about it. Yeah, that's probably right. :)

Well, back to revising. I was just taking a quick break, but now I need to get back. Oh, and Fallout 3 is calling, too. I'll jump back on that after my jog later, and then update my sidebar if I have the chance.

Have a good Sunday, folks! Oh yeah, and it's February! Wow, can you believe how fast the month of January flew by?


  1. That seriously stinks! If only the dream would come true.

  2. My Mom believed in the power of positive thinking- way before The Secret. And, she always said, "Don't put negative things in the air." Like giving word to wicked thoughts made them take shape and real.

    So, I follow in Mom's footsteps.

    I'm saying the dream made you think it wouldn't happen so...the opposite will come true :)

  3. Heh, that's one way of looking at it Kim. I'll have to remember that. :)


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