Friday, February 6, 2009

Watchmen Viral Trailer - Oh Hells Yeah!!!

As seems to be the trend these days, a few viral trailers have been making their way online in anticipation of the official release of the hotly anticipated Watchmen film, coming out exactly one month from now. Viral trailers, for those who don't know, are part of a genre film's marketing campaign, illustrating often secondary and background info about the main story with footage not actually a part of the official film. For the movie Cloverfield, the viral trailers showed the events leading up to the first appearance of the giant monster.

Anyway, here is a cool one about the Keene Act, a fictitious Congressional bill passed in the alternate history version of 1977 in which the Watchmen universe takes place. The Keene Act made vigilantism illegal, thereby branding public heroes like the Watchmen outlaws overnight. It goes without saying that this is probably only of interest to fans of the graphic novel, since newcomers not familiar with The Watchmen probably won't get the context before seeing the film.

Damn, I so want to watch this movie RIGHT NOW!!! March 6th can't come soon enough.


  1. I'm going to pass this post on to my son. He's waiting...too

  2. All good people should be waiting, Kim. If they knew what was good for them! :)

    For the record, I only got into the Watchmen craze recently. As in, I just read the graphic novel for the first time over my Christmas break. But the movie is shaping up to be a geektastic masterpiece from what I've been seeing.

    Yet I can't seem to determine how newcomers will take the movie as a standalone.

  3. Standalone-schmandalone, I have no idea. If it's good people will come, and my son said he did pop over here and watch the trailer.

    Now, tag, you're it! Post the 4th photo in your photo album and explain it. Hope you'll be a sport and come out and play.


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