Saturday, February 7, 2009

Retro Christmas Card - Broke 80s Style!

I was tagged by Kim Kasch to post the 4th pic in my photo album. Since I have dozens of photo albums--both in physical form as well as digital--spread out all over the place, I assumed she meant what passes as my main family photo album. And so here we are.

This is a pic taken in 1984, when I was 8 years old. That's me on the right, my younger brother Jose on the left, and we're holding our 10-month old baby sister, Kita, in our lap. I actually remember taking this picture. My mother had gotten the idea to start a new tradition with the birth of our sister, and that was to harass family members and friends with cutesy holiday picture cards. What, you thought this fad was something new in the digital age? Pshhh! What? The old photomats were accomplishing this feat long before the advent of Photoshop and Kodak EasyShare software! With what I assume must have amounted to cardboard and string, but accomplish it they did!

Anyway, my mother didn't hire no fancy-shmancy photographer. She didn't take us to a studio. No, she tacked up a bed sheet on the living room wall, sat us in the middle, and snapped this photo herself (haha!). And it shows! But, hell, we weren't rich, so this just had to do.

But it accomplished the goal. Here we are, our mother's children. Needless to say this was a happier time, despite all that we did not have. And despite what was about to happen . . .

But, for this one moment captured in time, we were happy and oblivious. Life had had its ups and downs even by this young age for me, but the fact that I'm still smiling in photos at this point just goes to show that the worst had not yet happened.

And to me, that makes this photo very special.

I'm supposed to tag 4 more people, but I hate tagging people. So those of you who read my blog, if you have a blog and feel like doing this, be my guest. Consider yourself tagged (you know who you are). Then post in my comments section a link to your blog entry. 'Kay? Thanks!


cindy said...

david, you are SO CUTE omg. as cute as munchkin. that's saying a lot, as you know me. haha!

Captain Hook said...

That's a wonderful memory you have with this pic, David.

And, yes, you were absolutely adorable. What happened?

David Batista said...

What happened? Haha -- that sounded like you're saying that I used to be adorable, and now I'm this hideous thing walking on two legs! :) LOL!

No, but I know what you're asking.

I actually wrote about "what happened" a while ago here on this blog. Let me get the link for you:

It's a long, sad story I don't feel like reiterating right now. But click on it if you want to know.

Kim Kasch said...

Beautiful picture-beautiful babies.

Well, okay, you're not all babies but at my age - close enough.

I love the idea of the sheet - I'll be using that one.

I'm always telling my kids no Mom's perfect - heck, no person's perfect.

My daughter says, "You can try-harder." :)I'm working on it.

Captain Hook said...

David, I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you. (Yes, I just went back and read the earlier post.) Your mom sounds like she was a remarkable person who loved her children desperately. Hold on to that love and the memories with everything you've got.

David Batista said...

Cindy - haha, you're too funny! And that is definitely high praise coming from you. :)

Kim - I can tell you're an awesome mom, from all that you've shown us of your family in your blog. Your kids look well-adjusted.

Hook - thanks for the encouraging words. It's really tough thinking about all this. But I've read your latest entry on your blog and know that you're no stranger to horrible circumstances yourself. I still haven't recovered from reading all that's happened to you in the last year. You are so brave!

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