Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overheard On The Elevator This Morning

Two guys on the elevator with me. Guy 1 is holding today's Wall Street Journal in his hands. The other guy looks over and points to the front page.

Guy 2: "Shocking!"

Guy 1: "Yes, isn't it? Our President gives his first prime time television news conference, and the Journal puts A-Rod's face on the cover."

Ain't that the truth, brother!

What I find even more unbelievable is that Obama's speech actually had something to do with the, you know, economy and what-not. Seems like something the WSJ should be just a tad bit more interested in, no? To be fair, all the major newspapers followed similar suit this morning. Even the New York Times.



  1. Sad, sometimes, what the media thinks is news.

  2. Our newsprint media is dying a slow death right now so even our "intellectual" print media is going for the popular bullshit to try and keep readership numbers up. For those of us still interested it sucks. These guys are balancing on a sword edge with negatives on either side to fall on. By the way, "F*!K a-rod!!!" The significance of sports and the athletes who play them in this country is ridiculous. Parents worried about this need to be slapped. Actually, anyone really concerned with this should be slapped.


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