Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Night Distractions

Mmmm . . . Rihanna!!!!

Must not think impure thoughts. Must not think . . . must not, must not . . .

Aw hell, too late! :)

Anywho -- yes, as you can tell, I'm watching the Grammys. Somebody shoot me now. Obviously an alien impostor has taken over the body of the writer formerly known as David Batista. You might be next!

Just giving you fair warning.

Goodnight, Earthlings.


Yvonne said...

Wow. That's all I got. (on the dress) I tried watching the Grammys but got lost in the translation. ;)

Botanist said...

Wuff! Down boy!

David Batista said...

LOL! You two crack me up. :)

Ashe Hunt said...

Oh yeah. Don't forget your new favorite, Ms. Hilson!

David Batista said...

Oh yeah, thanks for that!

I was too distracted by Rihanna too notice, I guess, but -- Woo, DAYUM!!!

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