Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We Interrupt This Broadcast . . .

. . . To bring you this rare political-themed blog entry.

I thought for once that, considering all the commotion going on over this latest "victory" in the war against terror, I'd chime in here with some really quick reactions to the news. But first, I'll encapsulate it all with just one humorously captioned Internet pic:

Teh LOLz! I imagine him pointing straight at Donald Trump, don't you?

So what are my reactions, exactly? Well:

1) I'm glad this one man was found and finally put to justice. And in his case, justice really could only mean a bullet to the brain. It's harsh, but hey . . . thems the rocks, kid.

2) No one in America truly believes that this is the end of Al Qaeda or U.S.-directed terrorism. So all the smarmy commentary I keep reading online from overseas instigators about how Americans should tone it down and face reality can go shove something sharp and lengthy into their left eye socket. Dudes, we know! Now can you just shut the fuck up and give us this moment? Jeez!

3) That being said, from one American to another -- yeah, we should probably not be shouting and screaming in the streets like a frat party gone wrong. Ebullient and proud? Sure. Toot off a few horns and chant USA at a baseball game? Hmmm, maybe. Burning effigies and name signs in the street while chanting ROT IN HELL? Eh, I can really do without that kind of behavior now. We're supposed to be the civilized ones, remember? Remember????

4) Stop telling us that this was only one man, and that the effort, cost, and time it took to get this done was so not worth just one's man life. This was more than one man, people! In our search to catch him, scores of top level Al Qaeda leaders, soldiers, informants, and sympathizers have been apprehended or otherwise put out of business over the past decade thanks to the dedication and hard work of an international coalition of top professionals. Was it worth all the money and time? You bet your ass it was! We truly are safer now than we were before these steps were taken.

5) Yes, this was largely symbolic. But you know what? So were the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. Only an idiot would have believed that our financial base could be negated by the fall of the former, or that our military might would be realistically crippled by the destruction of the latter. So, therefore, it was symbolic. And so is capturing and killing the head mastermind of said symbolic act.

6) No, Obama is not taking the credit from something started back in Bush's presidency. If you'd be willing to think back all of 5 years ago, the Bush administration specifically said they were scaling back CIA operations tasked with finding Bin Laden. Simply put: his capture was no longer being considered a realistic, attainable goal. However, when Obama came into office, one of the first things he said he would make a priority (after re-focusing our attention on Afghanistan) was the apprehension of one Osama bin Laden. He said this! And, guess what? He delivered!

7) If you honestly think this point will be forgotten come elections next year, you're either a crazy tea-bagger (heh, heh) . . . or FOX news.

And there you have it. Pretty much all I have to say, or will ever say, on the matter here on this blog. Life continues, and I can't say I feel any more safe than I was already feeling before the news broke (which was pretty darn safe, I might add). But it does feel like closure to have this monster no longer in our world, and for that a little part of me does sigh in relief. To our brothers and sisters fighting on our behalf out there . . . thank you for your sacrifice and dedication to protecting this nation.

And to SEAL Team Six, whoever or wherever you are: You guys ROCK! Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to playing an FPS game based on your mission sometime very soon. Because, let's face it, you know EA or Activision is already all over this!


Yvonne said...

So good to read your commentary. I have mixed emotions as I write this. When I heard what happened, my initial reaction was of relief and excitement and a sense of overwhelming pride. Yesterday as I logged on to FB while at work (lol), I read a post that one of my cousins wrote. She's a professor at Rice University and is very wise for her young years. Anyway, she's also pretty radical when it comes to politics. We got into a "debate" about why Americans should not be jumping up and down with joy for having just murdered a human being. Her words, not mine. She said we were then no better than "them" when "they" were seen out celebrating shortly after 9/11 took place. I passionately pled my case and basically, told her not to take away this moment in history, this sense of vindication that we as Americans, all felt. The argument went back and forth and then it went into a whole other realm when she brought in religion. Finally, I agreed to disagree and left it at that. Sometimes, you just have to do that. But in speaking with others about this, the concensus that I gathered was that most of "us" are glad, jubiliant even, about what happened but at the same time are torn and some even feel guilty for feeling so good about something so bad. Does that make sense? I know that killing Bin Laden will not bring anyone back that was killed on 9/11 or that we are all suddenly "safe" from future terrorist attacks. But I sure as hell feel a sense of redemption and my heart swells with pride because I live in this country. Whew! Such a long winded response! Sorry! I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought! :)

David Batista said...

Thank you for saying it, Yvonne. I value long-winded responses. :) Important things take a while to get off of one's chest, right? And as you can see what from I wrote in this entry, I'm on your side of things here.

Watchtower said...

"I look forward to playing an FPS game based on your mission sometime very soon. Because, let's face it, you know EA or Activision is already all over this!"

Hells yeah!

Kim Kasch said...

Love that pic of Obama. Even I wondered why he wasn't producing his "official" birth certificate - I mean we have to do it for our kids at athletic events when they compete - now we all know why he was too busy to be bothered.

Jennifer Hillier said...

SEAL Team Six - I'm waiting for the movie! They so rock.

David Batista said...

The folks behind The Hurt Locker are already exploring the movie rights to this, Jen. I expect they're going to fast track it to hit theaters fairly quick. Probably just in time for the 2012 presidential election ramp-up.

Hmmm, imagine the shit storm that's going to cause . . .

getyourselfconnected said...

Point #4 is a huge one; so much work has been done. I am not a huge fan of Obama (or any politician really) but he did commit to renewing the effort and he authorize the most dangerous kind of mission there is instead of calling in some drone. Mad props for that. SEAL Team, just unreal.

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