Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh, I'd Like To See Someone Try!

Today I read the transcript of a panel between Paul Krugman, an economist and New York Times columnist, and noted sci-fi author extraordinaire, Charles Stross, about what the world will look like 30 years from now. The panel discussion took place at this year's World Convention in Montreal. You can read the entire transcript at Edwin Steussy's blog, The Steussy Ranch, by clicking here.

Anyway, Charlie fascinates me to no end. His books are simply mind-bogglingly FANTASTIC! Particularly the way he presents his futuristic technologies and trends. This guy is the very definition of the term "futurist."

But during the panel he mentioned something that just blew my mind:

"It’s not a great cognitive leap from aeroplanes capable of carrying loads to bombers. It’s a hell of a leap from [the] idea of getting a cheap camera chip and adding it to a mobile phone and coming up with a phenomenon of “Happy Slapping”. I don’t know if everyone knows what Happy Slapping is, it isn’t Slapping, and it isn’t Happy, but its where kids basically find some random stranger [and] beat them up while one of their friends videos it with their camera and then upload it to YouTube. As social phenomenon go, that’s not one you can predict from the input technology."

WTF? Are you serious? I looked this bullshit "happy slapping" up on YouTube, and turns out he was right!


Let me tell you, I *WISH* some little Brit punk would try this on me! You can bet your ass THAT'S going to be a video they won't be putting up on YouTube. I would absolutely murder anyone who tried some crap like this. God, I hate these hood wannabes -- let them come to my little slice of the Bronx and see how far they get with that sham.

Unfortunately, it looks like this kind of retarded activity isn't restricted to the U.K. Seems it's happening all across Europe. Which means, of course, that it's only a matter of time before it comes to the U.S. And yes, I know it's already happening here. . . just not as wide-spread yet.

Anyway, if you clicked on the YouTube link a little further up, check out an example of Happy Slapping gone wrong -- i.e., not exactly the outcome the perpetrators were expecting. This one here shows two Russian lowlifes waiting for a couple to pass by to spring their trap. Except, the boyfriend happens to be a real brawler and fights back . . . to devastating effect for the two idiots. Oopsie!

I swear, dumb people. Why must they waste up space breathing?

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