Sunday, November 15, 2009

You People Suck!

Thanks a lot, movie-going public. Way to ruin my hopes of a box office bomb. After talking major trash against the latest Roland Emmerich doomsday flick, 2012, both here and here, looks like the unassuming masses ignored my entreaties and flocked to their theaters in droves. Click on the article below to read the exact numbers:

2012 Makes Ridiculous Bank Worldwide.

Bleh! Now I'm sick to my stomach. Why, people, WHY? Why do you reward such shite? Oh well, that's okay. I spent my weekend watching Stargate and Watchmen on Blu-ray instead.

So, yeah, I automatically win. (nyah, nyah!)


  1. I went to Where the Wild Things Are last weekend - but was disappointed - of course my son liked it.

    I thought it was too dark for a kids book, um, movie.

  2. Yeah, like I said last time -- Where The Wild Things Are isn't a kid's movie. I was actually really annoyed at the parents who brought their little kids. But I guess it's understandable looking at the trailers. Unless you know who Spike Jonez is, you wouldn't know that he makes trippy cerebral films.

    Plus, the book is like 40 years old. All the kids who read it are now all grow'd up! :)


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