Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Promising Start

A while back I blogged here about the revamping of the 80s primetime sci-fi series, V. Well, last night the pilot showed on ABC, part of a 4-episode airing in the month of November before the show gets put on hiatus until next Spring.

There's a lot of bemoaning going on about the show rushing some plot lines that, in the original mini-series, were allowed a little bit more time to play out. I'm not going to give anything away, but fans of the original know of several key payoff moments I might be talking about.

My thing is: big deal! Most of us already know these details, so the sooner they get them out of the way the better. Yes, it does seem odd that humans on Earth react too swiftly and with open arms to the arrival of the "Visitors." You'd expect a lot more cynicism in this day and age of foreign fear-mongering and looming terrorist attacks and what-not. You'd also expect a populace that's grown up on alien invasion films to run screaming when the giant, round spaceships show up out of nowhere and hover just above the skyline of all the major cities of the world.

And yes, all of this did hit a sour note with me. But I went with it and actually ended up enjoying this 1-hour pilot. Especially the latter half when we learn something interesting that serves as a departure from the original series.

Morena Baccarin is as lovely as ever, even more so with short hair this time. And right now she's playing the role of the Visitor's leader, Anna, very well. Dark and seductive with just a hint of something menacing lurking beneath the surface. I'm waiting until we see her "true" nature revealed.

V is off to a great start, folks. Color me surprised. While some of the "personal" moments of the show are over done and quite annoying (like the relationship between the FBI agent and her truant teenage son), it's not that far of a departure from what was in the old show to really be worth complaining about.

In any event, I'll be there next week and hope the ratings hold up. My Tivo's all set to record!


  1. We went and saw The Fourth Kind last night. All these beautiful people in this last photo remind me of an alien movie - not so real but maybe fun.

  2. Yes, they are aliens. And there's a reason they're all beautiful. The serpent wears many disguises.

    Okay, okay, I said too much . . . :)


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