Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Week At The Movies

The Movie Maven, Tara Perry, strikes again with this week's movies -- two of which have already seen wide release prior to this week.

Ms. Perry is definitely getting better at this. If this is your first time watching her segment, which is presented via the folks over at, maybe the charm might be lost on you. But I think she's AWESOME! If you remember, I posted another one of these videos here earlier this month.

I'm watching Ninja Assassin for sure. I can't wait for that! I will also catch The Road. I've been waiting AGES for this movie, it seems. The teaser came out almost 2 years ago!

I'm not so sure I want to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I don't know, the director Wes Anderson is hit or miss with me. I mean, I generally like his movies. Really, I do! But sometimes it feels like I'm not quite getting the punchline. The Royal Tenenbaums, I'm looking straight at YOU!

And besides, I have way too many OTHER movies to catch this Thanksgiving break. So much so that I don't even know where to begin. Let's see:

The Road
Ninja Assassin
The Blind Side
The Princess and the Frog
Michael Jackson's This Is It!
A Christmas Carol
New Moon

And that's just this week alone! WTF? Admittedly, I can do without the last two on this list. After all, I pretty much reamed 2012 out here on this very blog. But I figure even a spectacularly dumb-science movie such as this has its merits, ala popcorn fun. Still don't truly expect me to be wasting my time on this one. It's more like a backup plan in case the other movies are sold out or not conveniently scheduled.

And New Moon -- eh? On the one hand I want to hate this movie so much because of all the teeny-bopper girlie nonsense. But, you know what? If I just ignore all that and watch it on its own merits, maybe I'll like it. It's hard for me to stay away from vampire movies, no matter how atrociously written the dialogue and the original books are. To this day, though, I still say that Anne Rice conquered this territory, and that the likes of Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris are just borrowing from the groundwork she laid down over three decades ago.

Anyway, both movies are a moot point. Realistically I only see myself catching 3 of the movies off this list: 1) The Blind Side; 2) The Road; and 3) Ninja Assassin. However, conceivably The Blind Side can be switched out for Precious and I wouldn't mind.

Oh and btw, if you want to see a trailer for The Blind Side, click on my entry from last month.

What do you think? Any of these films strike your fancy?


  1. Yeah, Ninja Assassin and The Road are necessities!

  2. First, I do have to thank you for introducing me to the Movie Maven. That segment is awesome!!

    Second, Ninja Assassin & The Road are the only THEATER class movies in that list. Everything else can wait for rental from NetFlix.

  3. LOL! I think The Princess and the Frog is a "theater-class" movie, too. At leat for me. I usually watch all the big Disney cartoon flicks in theaters first. It's been that way since The Little Mermaid. What can I say?

    And, here is my schedule for today:

    1) Ninja Assassin
    2) The Road
    3) The Princess and the Frog

    In that order. We'll be watching them at 3 different theaters pretty much all up and down a 3 mile stretch of Broadway. Princess is on limited release right now, only playing at one theater--the Ziegfeld--in NYC. It will see wider release next month.

  4. i'd be interested to see what you think of NA. i am now wanting to see RED CLIFF (may have to watch by myself before uk trip) and also SHERLOCK HOLMES looks AWESOME! =D but we'll be out of country. hope to catch it when we get back!

  5. Cindy, did you see my mini-review on my FB status update?

    If not, I'll try to update the blog with my quick impressions of all three flicks sometime today.


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